Survivor: Nicaragua Recap: "Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All" Episode 2

Hide your socks and your $1600 designer shoes, because the Survivor: Nicaragua crazies have finally come out to play! We learned about Espada and La Flor's more colorful characters in last night's episode, including conflicted swim teacher Holly, who is still torn about voting off former ally Wendy. It seems Wendy left some of her crazy back on the beach, because Holly starts freaking out on the rest of the tribe and throws out Jill's perfectly edible snails for no reason. But when she overhears Dan comment about her wacky antics, she decides enough is enough and fills his shoes with sand to sink them at the bottom of a lagoon. Even crazier than that, however, was her act of second-guessing this sabotage when she calls a tribe meeting to confess to Dan and the rest of the tribe. The tribe is flabbergasted, Dan prays for a sex change for Holly so he can beat her up and Holly decides she's had enough in this game. Fortunately for her, Coach Jimmy Johnson is there for some reassuring words and successfully convinces her to remain in the game, promising she can still make a difference to the Espada tribe.

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