Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Sitcom Death Watch, Party Down Returns & Farewell to Ugly Betty

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There's plenty on TV this week, but I'm going to admit up front I'm not particularly excited for anything but the new episode of Glee and the season premiere of Party Down. So, while I will be watching plenty of new eps from House and Gossip Girl to the NBC Thursday comedies, I have much more to say about other more eventful things this week.

Check out what I have to say about the few premieres of the week, plus how I feel about saving Ugly Betty post-finale.

Romantically Challenged: Sitcom Death Watch, Day 1

As you may have heard, Alyssa Milano "returns to television" tonight in the premiere of Romantically Challenged on ABC. First, who premieres a sitcom on a major network in the middle of April, and second, the promos only show one line from the show, and turns out that line may never be aired (in my understanding of what's happening, anyway). Just this morning, ABC decided to air an entirely different episode tonight for the premiere than planned. I'm all for putting your best foot forward, but I feel like a move like that only happens in desperation after reading terrible premiere reviews. I'm not often the cynic when it comes to new comedies, but this time around, I'm taking a hint from our resident SideReel cynic, RachelL, and putting this one on death watch immediately.

I'll try to give it a one episode chance at least, so if you do too, let me know if you think I'm all wrong!

Party Down Rocks My Socks

I'm not sure how many people have really caught on to last season's hilarious Starz comedy, Party Down, but I'm going to say enough to be bringing it back for the 2nd season this Friday! This is a perfect marathon show being a 30-minute comedy, so if you missed the 1st season, get watching and see what you think!

While the phrase "off-beat comedy" is far overused these days, this show really and truly is. It's mockumentary-style like The Office, Parks & Recreation, and Modern Family, but with its own ridiculous quirks and a bit more silliness than the network mockumentaries. I was first attracted because it has half the Veronica Mars cast in it who are all hilarious, plus it featured Jane Lynch last season who will appear now and then in Season 2, but will mostly focus on Glee while Megan Mullally steps in on Party Down. But long story short, it's all about a group of tragic adults with their careers dead-ending into cater-waitering which of course leads to all sorts of disastrous situations.

Save Ugly Betty?

I was heartbroken to hear Ugly Betty was getting canceled. I felt like it had so much more to give, even with all that had happened over its solid four season run. But now I've seen the series finale, and (please don't hurt me, Betty-fanatics), I no longer want to save it.

I don't need to see Betty move to another network to continue on, and I would rather there not be a movie. Okay, I'd get behind it if that's something the cast and the fans really wanted, but I don't think it's at all necessary and would possibly just ruin the nice ending. So overall, I'm satisfied. I'm very happy that Betty rerouted her life and career into something that actually makes her happy, I feel as if she's found herself and will soon find an all new man to be happy with, and I feel like her family and friends are all happy too. So why carry on? Much like the end of Gilmore Girls, sure our main girl (in GG's case, Rory) didn't end up with the love of her life, but others on the show, like Lorelai and Hilda, found their loves when it really mattered for them, and the Rorys and Bettys of the world are young and will find love after they've gotten the rest sorted out. I'd be thrilled to see Betty fall in love in a movie, but I just don't need it.

What do you think? Do you totally disagree with my Betty finale contentment?

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Apr 20, 2010 8:59PM EDT

About Ugly Betty - I think they did wrap it up well, but so much was crammed into the 1 episode, and i would love too see how Wilhelmina runs Mode! and would be good for a Daniel / Alexis reunion? then betty can fall in love with a british guy then find out that he's married or something? just to make it a bit juicy Lol - but if there is no movie then i agree with you happy to let betty go :) i mean nowadays series are Lucky to get a 4th season :)

As for RomChallenged i hope that dies quicker then Eastwick did especially if it puts a stop to Allysa millano and her twitterthons about the programme,
and i actually like eastwick Lol :]

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