Quirky Characters Week: Eli Stone

Eli Stone returns tonight for its 2nd season on ABC at 10/9c, so it's time to give Eli some Quirky Characters love!

Last season, Eli Stone endeared itself in many TV lovers' hearts as the show proved to be clever, quirky, and touching with just the right mix of humor, drama, and a lack of religious or scientific overtones or undertones, at least to those who aren't overly sensitive to such aspects.

*(Spoilers Included if you haven't completed Season 1)*

The Eli Stone story became instantly fascinating as Eli, a non-religious lawyer, began having bizarre visions, starting with George Michael appearing to him singing in Eli's living room!

Eli thought he was totally insane, and then as his visions turned out to lead him to certain important legal cases in his work, he began to think maybe, though it sounded crazy to even him, that it was God leading him.

As fans know, it turned out that he had a brain aneurysm that was causing these visions, but the very satisfactory conclusion for Eli was, for a while, that these visions were still doing good things, so it wasn't entirely about the science of his aneurysm.

But there's only so long you can avoid the fact that your vision-giving brain aneurysm might kill you, so after Eli already sacrificed his relationship because of his lack of stability, he decided right at the end of the season to have the tumor removed for the possibility of a longer life - and if it didn't work, he may not survive even the surgery.

So what makes this tragedy and Eli so wonderfully quirky?

Well, as noted and as you fans know, the guy sees people singing in his living room, his co-workers busting out into song in the middle of a meeting in 70s garb to "You've Got Me Babe," he has visions of war scenes in which he has to dive under or behind real life furniture to avoid, and oh so much more!

These visions are fantastic as we get to join Eli in the fun without the consequences, watching his stiff boss and ex-fiance's dad sing him a little tune, or his lawyer ex-fiance dance around in a hippie outfit, far from her usual lawyery suits.

So yes, the fact that Eli has a brain aneurysm is terrible, but the greatness of this show and of Eli is that it's not taking on religion, but it is all about a previously totally logical character opening his mind to the possibility of there being more to life than rules, science, and the way we see things ordinarily from day to day.

So enjoy a couple of quirky Eli Stone moments and a preview of Eli's return!

Eli Stone Season 1 Promo

Eli Stone Season 2 Promo

George Michael's First Eli Stone Appearance

George Michael in Eli Stone's Office: "You've Gotta Have Faith"

Eli Stone - Victor Garber sings and dances "Freedom"

Eli Stone: "I Want Your Sex"

If you're an Eli Stone fan, what do you love about the show and/or Eli's character?

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