SideReel Drama Club: FNL Season 1, Eps 13-15 Reviewed

It's time for more Friday Night Lights! This week we had a great batch of episodes that left us with quite a cliffhanger!

There were a whole bunch of our characters hitting the wall of consequences with Smash's mom discovering his steroids, Jason confronting Buddy about not wanting Lyla to stay with him, Matt realizing rally girls and girlfriends don't mix, Tim visiting his estranged dad who, guess what, is estranged for a reason, and Mac's careless words about black vs. white players causing some major disputes.

What I really enjoyed about these episodes was how they dealt with issues in a way so that it wasn't all black and white... no pun intended!

On many a show, you have your wholesome characters who will always do the right thing, and those who just will never get things right and are those "screw-ups" like you'd want to stereotype those like Tyra and Tim.

In the case of Smash and the steroids, he's a good kid serious about football who would be expected to keep on that track, but instead gives in to the pressures, though doesn't become the bad guy because of it.

We also have Coach Taylor who's a bit of a moral pillar in this show, but we're shown he has to waver as well as he knows Smash is not automatically a bad kid on drugs because he slipped a bit, but the coach also doesn't want to screw his own career over if he's discovered for covering up Smash's drug use.

We also saw Tyra and Julie become friends who seemed to be total opposites, with Julie swaying a bit on the bad girl side, and Tyra actually being a good friend and a girl who wants much more for her life than that bad girl (with the bad guy) image.

I also liked that we saw Matt fall to the football/rally girl pressure when he was kidnapped to do the calendar shoot and party with the best of 'em - he hasn't turned total football jerk, but he also couldn't hold onto Julie and be the good guy all the time either.

I really liked seeing Matt and Julie together when Julie was made to play Powder Puff, but it doesn't seem that this means they're getting back together. Could this Matt-Julie thing be done for a while or will it be together again very soon? They didn't get much of a chance to be together yet, so I hope there's not a huge amount of drama before (or if) things work out!

As for Smash, I was a little surprised to see him allowed back in the game after just missing one game, but they did work this out well to show him truly sorry and working his way back into deserving his spot, but then we got the twists and turns of the race issue with Mac's offensive words that led Smash to take a stand.

Looks like this isn't going to blow over easily. Could it be that Mac will have to leave the team or will he actually have a genuine apology to make?

And meanwhile, we have Jason working out what his place is now after his accident at school, with Lyla, and with his new group of friends.

With all this going on, I'm really looking forward to next week's SideReel Drama Club episodes to see what new drama we get and what resolutions we get to all or some of this!

Tune in next week for a review of episodes 16-18 and feel free to comment on what you thought of these episodes or write your own review!

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