Eleventh Hour: Some Lukewarm Hope for CBS's Fringe

As some critics and fans have noted, Eleventh Hour is basically CBS's Fringe for the season, though it may or may not have been meant to equate itself with Fringe, or Fringe with Eleventh Hour.

But along the lines of comparison, Eleventh Hour is also looking to be a combo of the general crime shows of CBS, plus a bit of House, having the genius, eccentric doctor/scientist as the intriguing main character.

Unlike House, though, Jacob Hood, played by Rufus Sewell, is not as aloof, rude, or a total jerk like House. Instead, Jacob is more humble and endearingly clueless, but still never appearing anything less than genius.

Perhaps that falls a little bit more towards Fringe as we have a charming guy in the primary male genius role who is pretty interesting, but you believe him more as the charmer than the scientist.

The women in Fringe and Eleventh Hour are also a bit similar as they're both a form of partner to the guy and are also supposed to be slightly aloof smart people who are too strong and independent to ever have a great relationship, but of course, there's sexual tension with their "partners."

Oh has it ever been done before and it'll be done again and again.

So focusing on the premiere of Eleventh Hour to give it its own fair chance, the pilot featured Jacob and his lovely female body guard, Rachel Young, tracking down what was behind the discovery of 9 dead fetuses in the woods, and also another pregnant woman soon to follow suit. Long story short, this is a case of human cloning, the kind of case of science weirdness Jacob is called in at "the eleventh hour" to figure out.

So far the main promise of the show seems to be it's mysterious and sciencey, but not quite to the Lost-like bizarre level Fringe is taking on which is interesting, but gets old fast when it's pretty expected there's so much we'll have to wait forever to figure out.

There's also promise in Rufus Sewell's acting as he's a pretty riveting actor in general, and I have high hopes for him carrying a series well. The plot and character relationships will need to become more interesting, but I'd give this one a chance - just maybe it'll prove to be preferred to Fringe since it seems the hype on that one has let many a fan down already!

If you tuned in, what did you think of Eleventh Hour?

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Default avatar cat
Oct 11, 2008 10:56AM EDT

I expected to hate Eleventh Hour but was actually really surprised. I'm already a pretty big Fringe fan but I think I might like Eleventh Hour even more. The acting and writing for this show (despite a few EXTREMELY cheesy one liners) was far superior to Fringe's. But that's only my opinion....

Default avatar cat
Oct 17, 2008 12:34PM EDT

I liked the pilot, and last night's second episode even more! This show pwns fringe, as far as I'm concerned...that one was just a bunch of hype. Eleventh Hour delivers, and actually deals with factual circumstances, which I enjoy even more.

Default avatar cat
Oct 23, 2008 7:29PM EDT

i so wanted 2 b a fringe fan- brilliant concept. i thought eleventh hour would be the weak copy. it turned out 2 b the other way round.
when push comes 2 shove it all boils down 2 a good story. eleventh hour does it better with cloning and child killers

Oct 25, 2008 6:52PM EDT

I think that they have different stories despite the similarity being people who abuse science for their own selfish needs.Fringe seems the more outlasting one because of the 'pattern' storyline whereas eleventh hour seems (so far) to be about solving criminal cases with a scientific background.I think that there is a sort of mystical connection and a big picture concept making the show have more of a appeal in fringe whereas in eleventh hour as long as they have interesting cases and good character development it will be watched

Default avatar cat
May 8, 2009 2:30PM EDT

really i didnt like it at first but i Started watching it again and now i love it.... and when i heard about fringe being like eleventh hour i went to check it out and....lets just say Loathing is a good word for how i feel about it....Fringe felt like X-Files.... and i have nothing against X-Files... i mean i love x-files... but no... i dont think you can make a sciencey version.....it just wouldnt seem right. Eleventh hour is the best out of both... Ad not only that it kinda works like Criminal minds....Not an apparent big picture, but its not the Main reason for the show..

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