Lost Premiere Featured Discussion: "When am I??"

*Lost Season 5 Premiere Spoilers Included!*

Mind. Blowing. We finally got our Lost Season 5 premiere, and I don't think I'm being generous at all when I say it was absolutely mind blowing!

Could anything have summed up the big premiere better than the words from the mouth of the great and mysterious Locke himself: "When am I??"

Now that, my lostie friends, is the million dollar question. If you are even getting close to wrapping your mind around all the completely insane time jumps happening throughout the 2-hour premiere, what do you think is going on here and what is the big goal they seem to be working towards?

Was the fact that either the island or the survivors were moving around in time what went so terribly wrong because the Oceanic 6 left? And if that's so, shouldn't that really be because Ben moved the island? (Related to them leaving, but that was not actually the 6's fault.)

But yet, it was starting to become clear that Locke was the leader and he (and Desmond??) were the only ones who could "save" the island, and Locke had to "die" to do this. (Thanks for continuing to be amazingly confusing and never-aging, Richard.)

We were left with it looking like it will take a long, drawn-out time to work out getting the Oceanic 6 to agree to go back, and then we'll have to discover how on earth they can get back, plus either before or after that see how Locke figured out how to get off the island - and also what these 6 can actually do to stop or change the bad things happening on the island.

So what did you think? Did the premiere leave you mind blown? What are your theories about what's going on and what the "point" is of all this premiere time-shifting madness?

And for those of you not quite processing all that yet, feel free just to rate how hot Sawyer looked shirtless all first episode long! I will unashamedly give him a 20/10.

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Large newrachelimage
RachelL Editor
Jan 22, 2009 3:29AM EST

Supremely confusing and awesome all at once. I think my favorite moments were:
-Hurley throws a hot pocket at Ben-Crazy fiery arrow scene-Jack: "He's dead, isn't he?" (Locke)Ben: "I'll see you in six hours, Jack."

Jan 22, 2009 6:48AM EST

my favourite was:
-what is it?-it's a compas-what does it do?-it shows north, John

Large good to be queen
Jan 22, 2009 8:18AM EST

@cytryna I know. DH had to pause while I was LMAO.
I think they have to go back to be the constant for the people on the Island, but that's just a guess. Great start to season 5.

Default avatar cat
Jan 22, 2009 8:47AM EST

Hi Kendra,
fascinating episodes....I've been waiting a long time for it to come back and it has not disappointed. I wrote my own discussion there as I don't think all i would want to say should clutter up your one. But definately, the new way that the time differences are being told are thrilling and leave us hungry for more answers!!!
Favourite monent : Ana-Lucia appearing in Hurley's mind to tell him how to be Jack Bauer and evade the police!!!! lol

Default avatar cat
Jan 22, 2009 8:55AM EST

Mind blowing stuff.
Off to watch it again and again and again

Large good to be queen
Jan 22, 2009 9:58PM EST

Another LOL: "Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?"

Default avatar cat
Jan 23, 2009 9:50PM EST

The best bit wast clearly Hurly explaining the "truth" to his mother, did anyone else think "well... when you put it like that, why the hell am I watching this?" Hilarious...

Default avatar cat
Jan 28, 2009 6:31AM EST

my favourite moments
David (Hurley's Dad): You killed three people?Hurley: No. Sayid did.David: Oh well, that's better.lol!:')

Default avatar cat
Jan 28, 2009 7:27AM EST

I'm afraid to say anything when it come to this show. I always end up being wrong. But that was a great sum-up, and post Kendra as always. Oh Hurly, too nice for his owen good. How will he get out of police custody? Way to many angles and possibilities for this show to be boring. You never know were it will go next. And who is the good guy, and who is bad.

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