Rate It: Did The Office's 'Frame Toby' Deliver the Laughs?

I've been loving this season of The Office, but as can be expected in the fourth season of a show kind of about nothing, plot development becomes unavoidable and the show gets a little more about plotlines, and a little less about the totally absurd everyday office moments that made this show the hit comedy it is!

But this week's "Frame Toby" felt like it brought back those hilarious little moments of office awkwardness and fights that made this show so fun in the first place.

"Frame Toby" was focused partly on Pam's note on the dirty microwave to keep it clean for the office community, and partly on Michael discovering (after an entire week) that Toby returned to his job which then led to Michael and Dwight tring to sabotage Toby back out of his job. And that landed us in what I thought was a whole barrel of Office laughs and awkwardness as Michael screamed "Noooo!" in Toby's face when he saw him, stress ate a huge amount of brownies while planning Toby's demise, fought with Dwight over how he didn't think Toby would find Dwight attractive, tried to make Pam get sexually harassed by Toby, then finally bought fake pot, aka caprese salad in a ziplock bag, to try to frame Toby for having drugs.

Oh, how I've missed you, totally out of hand office moments! I also completely loved Creed freaking out about the police coming to look into a call about drugs in the office!

I give this episode a 9/10 as it had such great office conflict moments that made me laugh out loud many a time, plus it still had some great plot moments like the fact that Toby's back, Pam's back, Ryan broke up with Kelly to go to Thailand with some friends from high school, well... a... high school, and Jim and Pam got a house!

So what did you think? What's your rating for this episode? Did "Frame Toby" bring back that bit of funny we've been missing on The Office, or did you find this episode just so-so?

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Nov 21, 2008 3:14AM EST

7/10- i didn't really dislike anything, just thought they could have maybe done a little better. maybe michel tries to make toby miserable before resorting to framing, maybe ryan talks to darryl about kelly (although i did like him hitting her up for cash in the end there), maybe dwight inspects the fake pot (and finds nothing wrong with it), maybe pam finally gives up and cleans the microwave (or pranks the office using it, i donno). i just feel there was a lot of missed potential.

Large newrachelimage
Nov 21, 2008 2:06PM EST

I thought the whole "Jim buys Pam a house plotline" was totally bizarre, because Pam was absolutely acting as if she was going to hate it (right?) and then out of nowhere she broke into a genuine, "You bought me a house" state of excitement. And that house is pretty terrible...

Default avatar cat
Nov 21, 2008 2:27PM EST

whats up with the plot holes? wasnt toby paralyzed in costa rica? why isnt he in a wheel chair

Nov 21, 2008 5:36PM EST

Best part of the episode was where Ryan tricked Kelly. Only proper laugh out loud moment, other than Michael's scream when he realised Toby was back. Toby broke his neck, thedirewolf, which was actually a fair few months ago, so that it would have healed makes sense. He said he was in there for 5 weeks in 'Weight Loss' (technically should be 8-12 I think, but I'll forgive some artistic liscence, it's not a medical show.) You know what bugged me most about this episode? The microwave substory just vanished! After the scene with Ryan telling Pam to clean it nothing more happened about it. Irksome. And I think that Pam didn't really like the house that much as it was, but was just incredibly happy that someone bought her a house. If someone bought you a house would you really care if it had shag carpets and a picture of a clown? It's a house for Christ sake. I liked that Michael was so uncomfortable when he realised he was actually getting Toby arrested. As unwordly as Michael is, he's eaten salad's before... That was a little unbelievable, I thought it was gonna be oregano or something, not just lettuce.
Oh yeah, probably about a 7/10. Pretty good, not the best. Maybe a 5 or 6 if I were being particularly critical.

Default avatar cat
Nov 21, 2008 7:45PM EST

Everyone forgot about Dwight's perfect crime!?

Nov 21, 2008 8:25PM EST

Haha - nice catch, goofydude101 - I loved that part! I always forget those little bits at the end, but that was a great one! I'm hoping for some Dwight webisodes with more of such ridiculous schemes and moments.

Default avatar cat
Nov 22, 2008 4:39AM EST

I agree with kendra , in this episode I found the old thoe office nonsense, extremly good acting , and who care if they miss a bit a plot , of logic....I love the office for it s craziness, politicly non correct.....we all have a little bit of michael scott hidden somewhere ...........and Big yes to Dwight's perfect crime !!! excellent !!

Default avatar cat
Nov 22, 2008 4:36PM EST

one part of this episode made me laugh. one part. season two had me laughing for 22 minutes straight every episode. whoever is spearheading this show is running it into the ground. creed is the last bastion of comedy in this droll and lifeless show, which once was, in my opinion, the funniest series on television.

Nov 22, 2008 8:56PM EST

I thought it was a mediocre episode, though there were some laughs. Creed's reaction in the background when the cops came in was priceless! I loved the clown picture stuck to the wall and I did like Michael's reaction after seeing Toby (who had been there for a WEEK! without Michael knowing) I've seen every episode but why does Michael hate Toby so much - did I miss something?
I'm a little tired of the whole Pam/Jim overarching plot. I liked it better when they were "unrequited lovers from afar" at the reception desk with the tension, etc., though I know they couldn't keep that up forever. While I like The Office better than Two and a Half Men, what I like about TaaHM is that each show is basically about what happened today while they were "at the book store" or Charlie tries to get Allen laid, or What happens when Mom gets Remarried. You can watch almost any episode of that show and get almost all of the gags without ever having seen another episode.

Default avatar cat
Nov 23, 2008 2:58AM EST

I honestly thought that it sucked compared to the previous episodes. Jim didn't even pull any pranks on Dwight for the first time, which was very disappointing

Default avatar cat
Nov 24, 2008 8:04AM EST

I dont understand what has happened to the office writers.
So they sent pam to new york, were building up story lines (with the guy who clearly had a crush on her, jim getting jealous, cute ways for jim and pam to stay in touch, etc). Then I guess they decided they didnt know how to resolve anything so they invented that absurd "Pam failed and decided to come home in about 15 minutes" plotline which effectively cancelled out everything we'd seen for the first 5 episodes? SO weird.
And now that they have made pam "cool" (better hair/clothes/etc) and are giving her 'sassy' lines --- shes WAY less funny, anyone agree with me?
And jim has become, well, kind of a wimp. What happened to pranks on dwight?
Ryan swore vengeance on jim and that never happened, darrell who is the funniest character has disappeared, and jan is gone.
what the hell, the office. what the hell

Default avatar cat
Nov 26, 2008 5:01AM EST

I agree, i think this was one of the best episodes of the season mostly because of dwight's perfect crime. Dwight is my favourite character EXACTLY for reasons like that. I swear i watched that part five times already.
...because that's where i stashed the chandelier

Default avatar cat
Nov 27, 2008 6:12PM EST

this episode was hilarious, hands down, nothings changed as far as the funnyness factor stop critically analyzing everything and enjoy the comedy

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