FlashForward Season 1, Episode 3: '137 Sekunden' Review - Featured

FlashForward brought us two action-packed episodes, but when it came to this week's third episode, '137 Sekunden,' it was time to slow things down to investigate the blackouts and move along with a few revelations, minus the exciting explosions.

I don't think this show should constantly be compared to Lost, but I'll do it anyway! One of the reasons fans like myself are hooked on Lost is because every episode is riveting. There may be an episode now and then that isn't mind-blowing, but for the most part, when I'm watching Lost, I completely focus on what's happening in the episode, and I love that it's a show you have to pay very close attention to and that'll keep you on edge for the entire time.

The first episode of FlashForward was like this, and while the second slowed down a bit, there was still a lot of mystery and tension at hand that I realized quickly as I tried to check a few things online while watching, were actually in need of my full attention. But this week, I didn't find that to be the case.

It was interesting that Mark's flashforward lead this week took him and Janis to Germany to talk to an ex-Nazi in prison who didn't regret his actions, and it was interesting to see them wrestle with the possibility of freeing him in exchange for his information. But, while I suppose it adds more intrigue and depth to the investigation that they can't trust everyone, it just felt like a letdown that the only info the ex-Nazi gave them was that when he looked out his window, he saw a bunch of dead crows... and he knew that may or may not be useful to their investigation.

As it showed at the end of the episode, that information was helpful, but since they didn't reveal more than that it was relevant and there was a previous blackout to look into, it didn't make for that exciting of a development.

Besides the moral dilemmas and minor developments in the investigation, we got to meet Noh's fiance and we delved into her flashforward of their wedding day in Hawaii. What I found interesting about this was that she said she saw him there, and then he decided to not only go along with pretending he had the same flashforward, but then decided to go ahead and set that as their wedding day, but that in the clip of her flashforward, they didn't show Noh.

It seems Noh decided to go along with the wedding because he's hoping her flashforward will come true, and maybe him not seeing anything won't matter as hers will come true. But what if she didn't actually see him there? What if she just assumed he was there because it looked and felt like her wedding, so of course he was there?

I would imagine it's possible if she didn't see him that he does die, and she marries someone else (though a few months after his death that seems a little crazy), or they'd planned the whole wedding, then he died, and she along with family and friends went through some motions of the wedding as a memorial to him.

The other minor developments around how true the flashforwards would be were interesting, though not thrilling, including Aaron discovering his daughter's remains were definitely hers, seemingly meaning there was no way seeing her alive in his flash could be real, and Stanford's wife saw the little boy who called her mom in her flash with another woman who seemed like his real mother at the FBI memorial. I will say though the episode was slowed down, the memorial gave a nice moment of reflection which would actually be needed and would happen in real life for a huge tragedy, so I appreciated that and what they were able to say with Standford's speech about them all being prophets and therefore there will be suffering ahead.

As some fans are starting to discuss around online, I'm getting very curious not only about what will happen in each next episode of this show, but what will happen when it's April 29, 2010. Will we continue on this path of little discoveries about the blackouts that all lead to exactly what happened in each person's flash coming true? Will that then actually be showing us that while those exact few seconds will come true, there are things around those seconds that unveil the circumstances are actually quite different than they appeared?

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