Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Finale Fever, Exciting Eps & What Shows May Lose Me Post-Finale

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Finale Season is Upon Us!

Yes, it's that time of year again... time to say goodbye to all our favorite shows - except those awesome summer shows! But, that said, of course there are still plenty more shows wrapping up in the next few weeks which is always a bummer. Check out this week's finales here and keep track of all the upcoming finales on our complete finale schedule list.

What I'm Excited for This Week on TV

Lost - This week's episode of Lost promises to reveal the truth about Jacob and "the man in black"... need I say more?? Maybe a little - I am a bit skeptical about whether this is going to be as big of a reveal as it seems it'll be, but since the end of the series is getting so very close (2 weeks!), I'm feeling hopeful that this will be as thrilling as it sounds!

Glee - Every time Kurt gets a solo, I'm itching for the next one. This week, that time has come! It's rumored that Kurt will have two solos in this episode which I'll believe since the plot includes Rachel getting a sore throat. Take your chances here, every other Glee clubber! I'm also psyched to see what Puck looks like without his mohawk. I'm really just glad to get some focus back on Puck since I haven't gotten enough of him since he became one of my top TV crushes after that adorable "Sweet Caroline" solo way back in the day of the first half of the season.

Vampire Diaries - I hate to admit all of this, but I'm a number of episodes behind on Vampire Diaries, and I'm also sad to see this one go for the season. Since I have until Thursday for this finale, I plan to catch up here on SideReel so I can join in the finale buzz both right before and after the big ep airs Thursday night! I'm always especially interested to see how first season shows wrap up and set up for the next season, but I'm especially interested in how this one does it since it's been one of the biggest freshman show hits. Will this be one that has an entirely new theme for Season 2? Will the theme stay about the same just more complicated as the plot continues to build rather than start over in Season 2? Can't wait to see how things turn out and leave us hanging!

What episodes are you most looking forward to this week?

Shows on the Edge of Losing Me

A show's cast and crew's worst nightmare is losing my personal viewership, right? But when it takes A LOT for me to quit a show, it is in turn saying a lot for a show to lose my interest. I've quit more shows that I expected to this season including FlashForward, Fringe, and even Survivor, but while those have no chance of my return, the following are those I'd rather see through to the end of their run. But, the rate they're going this season, I may just quit after this season's finales.

Grey's Anatomy - I'm probably about six episodes behind on Grey's, but I really do plan on catching up, then making my judgement on whether I can hold on til the end for the sake of knowing what happens to the characters I used to love. Basically, as most Grey's fans know who aren't in total denial, the show is not good anymore and the characters are all complete disasters. So what am I waiting for, you say? Well, I still have some faith that something cool has been happening in these episodes I haven't watched yet and I'm also very hopeful that the season finale will have some awesome event and/or cliffhanger that will re-hook me for next season.

Desperate Housewives - You may see a trend here... I'm running out of patience for long-running shows that seem to be wandering a bit aimlessly. On ABC. I'm more caught up on this one, and I've found the mystery of the season fairly interesting, but like Grey's, I don't actually care about any of the characters anymore and find them all annoying. I'm feeling encouraged to stick it out because there has at least been a good amount of discussion about when the show will end, but currently that's meaning a number of years more than I'm feeling up for. But, since finale season always brings great hope, drama, and cliffhangers, here's hoping this finale rocks the house(wives) and can convince me not to remove this from my DVR recordings.

What shows are you thinking about quitting after this season?

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