House 'Birthmarks': The Sins of Our Fathers

This has been a great season of House so far, but this week's "Birthmarks" was my favorite of the new season!

It was a little off from the usual episode formula since House was away from the hospital for the most part, but there was still a very interesting case the team had to deal with that House weighed in on now and then, so it was satisfactory on the case aspect of the episode. I mean really, a girl with pins in her brain because her parents tried to kill her in China after the one child policy was put in place? That's pretty disturbing, but pretty awesome of a medical case 25 years later.

So last House episode, for the storyline besides the case, we got a peek into Taub's personal life and rocky relationship with his wife, and next week it looks as if we'll be diving into 13's life... but for this week? The victim of choice was House himself!

House's parents have appeared at least once before on the show, but it has been made clear House isn't attached to them and had a bit of a rough or nonexistent relationship with his dad. So in this episode, House's father passed away, and House, being the insensitive jerk he is that we all know and love, refused to go to the funeral.

But Cuddy and Wilson would not have it! Oh how wonderful the friendships are on House - one friend drugs you, and the other kidnaps you to take you to your despised father's funeral.

Why would friends do this? Because House is House and they don't care what House wants, but instead care what the human being in the situation wants - his mother. And hey, who ever said House would make it easy even after kidnapped?

Poor Wilson was still set on not being friends with House, and House didn't even try to make his case this time - instead, he harassed Wilson, tricked him into stopping at a rest stop only to toss his keys down a grate, and then once the keys were finally retrieved, House forced Wilson to speed past a policeman via cane on gas pedal, leading to their arrest - fantastic!

But yet, the whole experience ended up as a good bonding experience for these silly boys as the arrest warrant they were picked up for was one Wilson had from the convention in New Orleans where they met - aw - and then both House and Wilson had minor breakdowns at House's father's funeral when they finally got there, leading them to figure out House's case, discover House's dad really wasn't his biological dad just as 12-year-old House suspected, and that they belong together as bff's and co-workers. Hooray!

I felt like this was a great way to get House and Wilson back together as they never do have those fuzzy friendship moments, but they do have non-sappy heart-to-hearts like they did in this episode that was definitely needed for their reconciliation.

Did you like the way the 'Houson' reunion was done? Join in the featured discussion:

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Oct 15, 2008 6:38PM EDT

I loved it! abosolutley. house and wilson just have something. idk it makes the show that much better to watch. i was waiting so long for this episode. it was well worth it. MY FAV SO FAR. admitetly they were getting boring, but it was all just leading us to the best episode ever!!!!

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