Entourage Season Finale: 'Return to Queens Blvd'

*Season Finale Spoilers Included!*

This season of Entourage has been short and mostly sweet, but even more so, a rocky road for all the characters. It had its weak spots, but I felt like this week's finale was a good, strong ending for the season.

The "Smoke Jumpers" storyline hasn't been that interesting though I think it was supposed to be with all the drama around Vince really needing the role, but not getting along with the director. While it was a good move to have Vince get a job but struggle with it, the scenes around it just weren't that interesting, so I was glad to see last episode that it wasn't working out because it felt like Vince could have a more positive comeback, and now after this finale, it looks like he will!

I loved seeing the boys in New York with that perfect mix of New York cool and the hilariousness of having Vince and Drama at home with their mom, and Turtle's mom showing up to yell at him - including the ultimate moment of her catching him on their house phone having phone sex with Jamie Lynn! Turtle may have gotten a great girlfriend, but the embarrassments will never end! Luckily, an embarrassed but cute guy is endearing to most girls, so I think he'll be all right.

As for the rest of the boys, Vince was trying to hide his discouragement behind alcohol and women, until he got rejected from another chance at a big movie being filmed in NY which Ari tried for, couldn't get, then E pushed for and still didn't get for Vince. This turned into a big breaking point as E and Vince had it out in the street in front of Vince's house leading Vince to rag on E for all his screw-ups, then firing him! Obviously this was something building up in Vince for a while, but I was really surprised to see that he could actually fire his best friend.

E seemed to feel the same way as he returned to LA immediately to focus on his other client, meanwhile ignoring all calls from Vince and Ari on his busted up phone from Vince throwing it after finding out he wasn't getting in to the latest movie attempt.

I have to note here, that before E returned to LA, he took part in the lamest guest appearance moment ever as he bumped into a random guy on the streets of NY - oh wait, that was Michael Phelps! Really? That was really Michael Phelps' big Entourage appearance? I'm pretty sure that's the most pointless guest appearance there's ever been, I dare to say in the history of television.

But back to the main focus of the episode, I was afraid they were going to leave us hanging, wrapping up the episode with more about Drama taking over their local bar and Vince's hometown romance, but thank goodness, they realized that was too much of a cliffhanger for the end of the season, and not only did we get to see E and Vince make up, but Vince got an awesome movie deal as well! And fortunately, this movie deal was the result of E pushing the previous director, so it was actually a credit to E that something finally worked out.

While the final scene of all the boys celebrating in E's office was a little cheesy and overly well-wrapped up, I think it worked for this season that's been a rough ride for all. It hasn't been a downer of a season exactly, but with the entire season being about all of their struggles to help Vince make it and other work-related big decisions, it was great to have those tensions finally lifted to make for an exciting new and totally different new season when it returns next summer!

What did you think? Were you satisfied with this season ending?

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Default avatar cat
Nov 25, 2008 7:40PM EST

You know what I really can't understand? Why E apologized for the movie "Medellin" failing. E was the one that said that the movie wasn't that good, but had potential in it when both Vince and Billy thought it was good. And it was E that almost sold the movie only with a trailer. If they had listened to E with that movie, it would've ended up perfectly fine, and that was the beginning of everything bad happening to them. I don't think E had as big of a role on things being crappy as they make it seem to be. In any case, I'm glad things are starting to work out again for them.

Default avatar cat
Dec 1, 2008 4:01PM EST

when is season 6 coming out?

Dec 3, 2008 6:41PM EST

Season 6 will start up Summer 09 - I don't believe there are any further details on an exact date yet.

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