Survivor: Micronesia's Feelin' the Love

Love was certainly in the air, or rather in the smelly sleeping shelter, on Survivor: Micronesia last night.

While usually on Survivor, everyone's extremely cautious about romantic alliances and pairing off, Amanda and Ozzy, and James and Parvati seem too blinded by jungle love to care!

Parvati made her name as one of the many bikini-clad survivors prepared to flirt her way in or out of anything on Survivor: Cook Islands.

But now this time around, her situation with James has escalated quickly. On Cook Islands, Ozzy did his very best to not fall to Parvati's flirting, and he pulled it off, which showed his dedication to the game and all those other great survivor qualities.

But now not only has Parvati's flirting worked, but Ozzy has fallen! Yet Ozzy has fallen to Amanda this time, and doesn't seem to have that many reservations against it. And of course, it's already put targets on all of these four survivor lovers as those like Jonathan and Cirie are ready to get those kids out of there.

Luckily, the fans remembered how to actually play to win in the challenges this week, so it was the favorites heading to tribal council. While it was looking like Chet would be on the chopping block for massively slowing down their team in the elimination challenge, Joel decided he could take over the vote by blind-sighting Mary and breaking up the evolving Mary-Mikey romance.

Considering Mikey's wide open mouth and various ridiculous facial expressions after the vote, Joel is going to have some 'splaining to do!

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Survivor: Micronesia's Feelin' the Love


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