The Economist: The Killer in Me is the Killer in You

All Lost fans know, as Jack casually informed the pilot, Frank, on last night's episode, that Sayid was a torturer in the Iraqi army.

But what we got to learn last night in those suspenseful flash-forwards was more intriguing and surprising than any of the horrible flash-backs to his army days.

We started out with Sayid all prepped-out in his khakis and polo shirt playing golf and being interrupted by a man in a golf cart offering a "friendly" wager about their shots. As this banter went on, Sayid revealed that he "doesn't work" because he got a huge settlement. And... he's one of the Oceanic 6.

When clearly the man was shaken by this yet had won the bet, he moved away quickly saying the money was unnecessary, but before he could get away, Sayid pulled out not a five iron for his next shot, but a gun!

Back on the island, we see Sayid join up with Jack and Kate after Juliet fetches him and then he makes a deal with Frank that if he goes to bring back Charlotte, the member of their team Locke's holding hostage, Frank will take Sayid to the boat.

Bet's on, but then of course this guy doesn't realize Sayid's clever bargaining skills as Sayid returns with Charlotte, but no Miles since he "traded" him for her. But luckily, Frank's a cool old dude who found Miles annoying anyway and didn't really care.

Then, to make a long story short, we're left on the island with Locke holding Ben, Miles, and Kate "hostage," and Sayid heading to the boat.

In the flash-forwards, we've figured out Sayid is an assassin of some sort and is after a woman's boss and he's dating the woman in Berlin to stay close to her until her boss finally turns up. When the boss finally does, in hopes to protect the woman he's fallen for, Sayid tells her to leave Berlin.

Unfortunately, Sayid's not one to fall for stupid women, so she already knew all about his intentions, so shot him, leading him to shoot her which then kills her.

But despite all the drama on the island and post-island, the best oh-my-god moments always, always comes right at the end of Lost episodes!

Who is that kind man in the vet's office removing the bullet from Sayid's arm? It would be his boss. And oh no, this is no slip back into the arms of shady military operations. This is Ben! The very Ben on the island who used to pull lines like, "you want to protect your friends, don't you?" but now saying this to Sayid in Berlin as his boss... with a list of people Sayid has to kill "in order to protect his friends."

Now. That. Is. Awesome. Lost may drive us all mad with such episode conclusions, but there certainly is something amazing about the anticipation every week after discovering more and having so much more to be dying to know about!

As for next week, it looks like we'll be discovering another member of the Oceanic 6. Now if this really is 6 people off the island, we have Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid. Who will be next??

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Lost: The Killer in Me is the Killer in You


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