Journeyman, make us think all you want that our hero may get killed by a kid's rocket in the past, but don't taunt us with his past (and pregnant) wife not loving him! So cruel!

But I have to say Dan delving into his own past during his journeys is totally fascinating.

It looks like this is the theme for next week, while this week we just got a peek as Dan ran into his past self.

I wonder if at any point after his travels he's going to say he remembers that from when he was younger or his wife is going to remember something like when Livia ran into her in Chinatown looking older and a lot different.

It looks like having people around him besides his trusting wife and son who believe him about his travels isn't going to be so easy (which sounds obvious).

It seemed like Dan was going to have the younger brother, Michael, he saved around to help him out since he knew Dan was a time traveler, but as we discovered of Michael's present self, he no longer believes time travel is possible.

But we do have these little tidbits of science here and there with both Michael and the other scientist hanging in the air about how possible in "reality" time travel could be. Even though the brother denied believing in it any longer, I don't think we've seen the end of him or the other scientist, considering the guy called Dan while he was traveling in the past.

I don't think we'll move very quickly with the scientific possibilities for Dan, but dealing with his own past next week should bring up a whole new can of worms with what he's changing, how he can get away with it, and everything else that could come along with having two of the same person in the same place at the same time!


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