The Riches Season 2 Premiere: And the Noose Tightens...

The Riches returns and last night's Season 2 premiere was!

As mentioned by The Riches stars, Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, in our Season 2 Q&A, the noose continues to tighten for the Malloys.

At the end of Season 1, they decided it was time to cut and run as they'd gotten way too deep into "stealing the American dream."

They had many a near miss with being discovered, and it seemed they were going to get away with it again with Doug's friend, Pete Mintzy.

Wayne almost had Pete, who they failed with multiple times already, believing that the true, real truth was that the real Doug had witnessed a terrible crime and was in hiding, and Wayne was taking on his house and life to protect him. Really.

And so, so close! Until Wayne's genius plan of taking Pete out to the swamp and freaking him out by attacking and questioning him didn't work out so well when they got back in the car and Wayne was suddenly profusely bleeding!

From the kitchen knife he'd stuck in his sock? No! From the kid's water gun filled with red water he'd stuck in his coat. Whoops. And they were all done. Time to drug Pete and run away... but not quite, since "clever" Dale messed with their camper, making them unable to take off.

So it was back to the house for Wayne to figure things out, and out on the road for Dahlia, the kids, "grandma," and a surprise guest - Nina!

So while the Malloys realize they aren't so hot at conning anymore, grandma ends up in the hospital drunk and dehydrated, Wayne tempted by a drunken Hugh's $13 million dollar deal while trapped by Dale at the same time plus with a now dead Pete in his trunk, and then at the bitter end of the episode, Cael with a gigantic gun to his head as the family was about to take off with some small towner's van.

Bad car choice, Cael. Well, really just bad choices all around for everyone! And there are only more bad choices and major drama to come as I've gotten a delicious sneak peek at in the Season 2 screener of the first four amazing episodes.

Now I'm not one for spoilers, but just watch out for some foreshadowing such as a gigantic gun to the head, and the Malloys fears that they've gotten a little too rusty at their con work... the next episode, "Friday Night Lights," may sound like all fun and games, but is it?

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The Riches Season 2 Premiere: And the Noose Tightens...


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