Chuck Vs. the Sandworm

While last night's Chuck was cool and all with Chuck flying down the street in a car seat alone, the most important question came about not because of the crazy kid's bomb-making but because of the life the crazy kid was living before all this.

Is Chuck being set up as a government lab rat?

The kid wasn't truthful about his life when he told Chuck he'd never seen Bond movies, but he was holed up to be studied and used.

Will Chuck's freedom to see his friends and family eventually be taken away?

While Chuck (and our) trust in Casey and Sarah is a bit tested in every episode and then reassured again, it's hard to entirely trust them as much as Chuck and we want to. Things have already gotten dangerous quite a few times for Chuck, so when it gets really serious with some bad guy after him, will the government remove him from his every day life for safe-keeping?

Who knew so many so very serious issues could come about with such a fun comedy!

But how can you not adore a guy who will ride the bike he stole from his friend for miles just to get to his best friend... to be a worm together. So sweet. Morgan may be pulling his life together, but he and Chuck will forever and always be the dorkiest friends in the world... and I wouldn't change them for anything - that's exactly what best friends are for!

Roast beef sandwich, Casey?


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