True Blood: 'To Love is to Bury'

With True Blood's awesome first season nearing its end, there are storylines we're dying to get conclusions for, while others are just opening up to leave plenty of new storylines for the new season which I already can't wait to see!

In this week's episode, "To Love is to Bury," Bill had to stick around the vampires to teach Jessica, who he'd turned into a vampire as his punishment, which turned out to just be extremely frustrating as he was itching to get back and be with another girl who was still human. But meanwhile that girl, our dear Sookie, was off with Sam investigating the murders from the clues she got seeing the murderer's thoughts when he came after her.

We discovered that the girl Sookie saw being murdered in the killer's thoughts was not another girl the guy had killed, but the murderer's sister, Cindy, who it seems was killed by a vampire. Sookie and Sam were left to wait for the photo of this brother to be faxed to their police station. We get to see that the killer is under a fake name in their town - Rene! But while we know this, Sookie and Sam are left without this revealing tidbit as the dumb girl at the police office was too busy gossiping with her friend on the phone about Jason Stackhouse being arrested as the killer, meanwhile absent-mindedly setting files on top of that important photo!

It turned out finding this killer isn't such a piece of cake, and neither is Bill and Sookie's relationship. Bill returned with the belief he was needed to protect Sookie, but found Sookie kissing Sam, her new protector, instead! And wow, Bill was not a gentleman about that one!

I can understand why Bill would be so upset, especially since he went through a lot to protect her, but who knew he'd actually start to strangle Sam! I would think as angry as Bill would be, he'd recall he's the one who asked Sam to protect Sookie, but he clearly didn't care, and Sookie did not forgive for this as she kicked Bill out, making him unable to come back into her home.

I love the hotness of Sookie and Bill and their deep bond, but she and Sam are cute and almost seem like a more natural fit, though that just may be because there has to be so much drama and complication around her being with Bill.

I don't think we'll get a ton of resolution to this next week with the finale focus on the need to discover the murderer as Rene - which it seems Sookie will do in person - and the issue of Jason in jail charged with the murders after this week's episode bringing poor, crazy Amy's murder.

While I was sad to see Amy go because Jason actually loved her, it was an interesting development and a great creepy scene to have the killer sneaking into the house and strangling Amy right next to Jason on the bed as they were off on their V trip.

I'm a little confused on these murders though, so there might be something I'm missing here. Renee is obviously the killer who started these killings because his sister was killed. He's killing girls who sleep with vampires, which he assumed included Amy after Jason told him at work about Amy doing V, but it also seems like he's trying to frame Jason as the girls always die right after they've been with Jason. But if Rene's on this killing spree because a vampire killed his sister, wouldn't the point be to make vampires look bad and like they were killing all these women?

Perhaps there are details I'm missing here, or maybe it's meant to be filled in with the finale!

Either way, the finale looks like it'll be fantastic with the new Tara drama as she's living with this suspicious woman, Sookie coming face to face with the murderer, and then whatever Sam and Bill drama continues!

After all the new developments this week, how do you think the season will end? What will be the big cliffhangers and what stories will get resolution?

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Default avatar cat
Nov 17, 2008 5:25PM EST

First of all great ep but you made a mistake by saying vampires killed Rene's sister i clearly remember Sookie saying vampires do not kill that way and also it still links with the killings in Bunton as his sister had some relationships with vampires.

Nov 17, 2008 6:22PM EST

great episode i think that bill should become top vampire for the next season and i like this new girl Jessica she is fun to watch i think they should focus on her trying to cope being a vampire sookie and bill need to get together lafayette needs a few more story lines i can see this show going a long way if the tv executives let it its got potential to do well

Default avatar cat
Nov 17, 2008 6:35PM EST

I don't think that Rene was purposefully trying to make it look like Jason killed those girls. I think it was more that he was just going after any women that associated with vampires because I think he would have known that no one would believe he killed his own grandmother and his own sister. I really hope that Bill and Sookie get back together by the last episode. I just need them too. And Wow! did Jessica turn into a bitch or what? I mean I can understand why Bill was so frusterated. She's a spoiled little brat.

Default avatar cat
Nov 17, 2008 8:11PM EST

Did anyone else notice that the naked women with the pig that Tara almost ran over looks a whole lot like the social worker she went home with at the end of the episode?

Nov 17, 2008 8:37PM EST

Yes! I got too carried away to mention that - that's incredibly intriguing!! What do you think the deal is with that woman? Does she trick people on the edge into thinking they've lost it to take them in... which has some advantage to her for some reason?

Default avatar cat
Nov 17, 2008 8:55PM EST

She does this because she is a vampire and it is easy to feed on people who wont be missed. She has all of this money, a beautiful house and car. I was just waiting to make sure it was night when they left the police station, which it obv was. Yea, Rene isn't doing this because a vampire killed his sister. HE killed his sister, probably because he found out she was a fang banger. I dont think that he is purposely trying to frame Jason. I just think that Jason is a huge man whore and has gotten with basically all of the women in Bon Temps. There is a definite possibility that Jason tells Rene (at work, at the bar) when he sees that these girls have bites. This could be why it seems to follow Jason. Thats all Ive got really, Im upset things have been so predictable.

Default avatar cat
Nov 17, 2008 10:05PM EST

as for me I felt quite disappointed by the whole thing. I mean Bill is more reliable than Sookie, he never turned anyone into a vampire until Jessica and was so careful, plus he went back to Sookie whereas he could clearly take advantage of Jessica as his maker. I dont understand Sookie, thought she has real feelings for the guy, guess the fact that Tara and Sam help her to find some attraction to a guy she has rejected since then, or is it the refreshment of a normal guy, everybody reminds her obsessive dreams with her having breakfast in a sunlighted kitchen with Bill.Sam took advantage of the girl being extremely nice and playing quite unfairly on Bill's territory, Sam knew that Sookie was vulnerable, that he was involved (though not committed ) in some troubled relationship with Tara, but well things turned out in his favor so...Anayway, this behaviour of Sookie is everywhere in the books where she will have many boyfriends. I like Alan Ball adaptation better though!Episode 11 blood scene with Amy and Jason was unbearable and Im not even talking of the whole thing thrown in the sink! too gore!

Default avatar cat
Nov 18, 2008 4:45AM EST

i don't want to give anything away because i have read the books, but you are onto something with renee's sister being killed. i just think you might want to examine a bit further, and by that i mean examine what people say and what we know about things, before you go saying who she was killed by. it might be a vamp or who knows maybe someone who you never saw comin or it could be a vamp we know.

Default avatar cat
Nov 19, 2008 3:57AM EST

I'm annoyed with the way Sookie treats Bill! He returns to find his girlffriend kissing the guy he asked to protect said girlfriend?! I'd be mad if I walked in on that. Plus she's all huffy about him not coming to save her from the killer, he's gone off to trial coz he's in trouble for saving her life from a vampire! and then she kicks him out. What a 'Thank you' that was!

Default avatar cat
Nov 20, 2008 10:42AM EST

Ok, I like your review, however you are boxing yourself in by assuming that Rene's the killer. Also, your theory excludes Gran; what reason would he have to kill an old lady? Yes, I know she wasn't the intended target, but wouldn't someone who has been so careful as to not get caught and to frame someone else in the process whether intentially or not, be smart enough to make sure he's killing the right person before striking? And what's up with the cat? Also, IF Rene is the killer, what's going to happen to Arlene?
Secondly, I really don't think it's vampires. Bill said himself, no vampire would leave a body full of blood just laying there. That's like walking away from a free batch of browinies after having only tasted just one; it's just not done.
I'd also like to thank those of you who have read the books and are refraining yourselves from spoilers. That is very courteous of all of you and I want you to know it's greatly appriciated. ^_^

Default avatar cat
Nov 24, 2008 2:05AM EST

Obviously after watching tonight's episode your questions about Rene should be cleared up. The reason he is killing the girls is because they've slept with vampires, not because a vampire killed his sister (considering he killed his sister...which is what Sookie saw in his thoughts the first time). But I'm glad that story line has been resolved so now all the new ones can begin. And may I say I am definitely not a fan of Lafayette being killed off :( or the girl Bill turned into a vampire being really annoying lol (although i'm sure that will be a good story line). And I hope that Arlene and and Terry get together, because he's such a nice guy he's just misunderstood by most of the people in the town.

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