The Line

Heroes has plenty of mouth-gaping moments, and Claire sure made one of those this week!

It was a bit reminiscent of the old days when there was an innocent cheerleader running away from some scary man at her high school.

It's just this time Claire created the whole event on purpose instead of just not being able to stop it.

And I can't say it wasn't awesome.

High school kids can be vicious, but it's usually more like the evilness of Debbie upon the new cheerleaders.

This time it was an indestructible girl and her flying boyfriend teaching the mean girl a lesson by dying and chasing her, and then showing up perfectly alive and fine.

But, hey, you do what you've gotta do to make that cheerleading squad! And date the weirdo who I'm pretty sure is going to turn out evil.

As for other moments of violence for the sake of... I guess love... HRG seems to have given in to the fact that he can never redeem his life, but he can fix what he's destroyed in the world of heroes. And now he has plenty more paintings to fear and figure out besides just the one of his daughter's new boyfriend killing him.

Hiro also followed suit in the trend of love-related crimes. How could our dearest, perfect little Hiro do such a thing?? He not only kissed his friend's girl, but kind of ruined history and got himself knocked out and in some really nasty trouble back there.

I'd say maybe Peter could save the day since apparently now he can say something about a place and then end up there, but since he's not in control of his powers, that rescue may not be one to count on.

Neither will the rescue of the twins by their angel "Gabriel." Oh the twisted webs these heroes weave!


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