The Office Featured Discussion: And 'The Duel' Winner Is?

*'The Duel' Spoilers Included!*

Last night we got the pure joy of getting The Office back a few weeks earlier than originally in the NBC midseason plan, and did it ever come back strong!

We left our Office crew right after their holiday party/intervention/affair-outing, so there was a lot to look forward to when the promos of this week's episode promised that Andy would FINALLY find out about the Dwight-Angela affair and yes... there would be... a duel!

Like only the genius comedy minds of The Office could manage, the delivery of the bad news came in the most ridiculous way possible - Michael feeling terribly guilty and making Andy walk him out to his car before his meeting at corporate so he could wait until he was in his car pulling away before yelling to Andy about the affair... keep it classy, Michael Scott.

So did Andy come busting in with fists flying like we could expect from a guy who punched through the office wall because of Jim's cell-phone-in-ceiling prank? Oh no - even better! Dwight was on edge the entire time before Michael told Andy, and then what did two nerds do when faced with a challenge to their honors and their woman's honor? Declare a duel in the parking lot for later in the day, of course. (Que Jim collecting all weapon-like objects in the office.)

I was waiting for a hilarious scene of Dwight and Andy slap-fighting for a while with some awkward ending, but oh, did it deliver better than that as Andy wrote Dwight a note stuck on a big bush in the parking lot to sneak up behind Dwight to run into him with his silent Prius... way... too... funny!!

Of course, it had to end somehow with someone broken-hearted, but surprisingly, it was Angela as Dwight found out Angela had actually been sleeping with Andy as well.

So what now? Do you think this duel has a winner or was it entirely a lose-lose-lose? And will this result with Angela left with no one be the final dramatic conclusion of all this triangle drama?

I'm still pulling for some Dwight and Angela marital bliss, but I'll take some more hilarious drama in the meantime as long as it doesn't end with nothing coming of this longtime forbidden romance.

How would you like to see it turn out?

Also, check out the fantastic new online Office game on where you can duel it out as Dwight or Andy!

Dunder Mifflin Infinity Games: The Duel

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Jun 7, 2016 12:48PM EDT

Oscar was completely right, Andy deserves the win (tho as far as battle's for love go, its not one to be particularly proud of) also, loved the way both marched to their desks in the end there (was it me or did they do it in an exactly similar way as possible)? the mutual distaste aspect was so brilliantly displayed in those few moments at the end there.
(i know this has been addressed in earlier in the season, but i cant help but enjoy the ironic conflict between Angela's character and the view that now the whole office has of her (in her defense, what woman wouldn't be enthralled at the idea of two men fighting over their affection? (oh and Kelly, what a fantastic put down, wow, it was friken perfect)))

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