's Top 8 TV Moments of the Week

NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2008 - reveals the Top Eight TV Moments of the Week! We learned this week that robots are stealing our jobs, vomit scenes can be tastefully done, and overly opinionated news anchors are a huge turn-off. Here are this week's must-see moments:

1. Best Corporate Robot: Shirley Manson's cold, mechanical CEO cuts down an underling on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Not by dissing his PowerPoints, but by shape-shifting into a urinal, then back into a humanoid, and stabbing him with her finger. Stockholders love this kind of thing.

2. Most Ruthless Police Work: The Closer's Brenda Leigh serves justice by admitting a corrupt lawman into jail under the name of the snitch whose head he put a huge bounty on. (Is it even a spoiler to say he dies?)

3. Worst Timing: Top Design challenges contestants to remake a bomb shelter/bunker - on the eve of the Sept. 11 anniversary.

4. Best-Handled Cookie-Tossing: Mad Men's Betty spews in Don's brand new Coupe de Ville after hearing he's back to his cheating ways. Symbolically important, and darkly funny, it's a refreshing change from the downbeat endings of the past three weeks.

5. Best-Handled Cookie-Tossing, First Runner-Up: The opening of Fringe includes a guy puking on a flight attendant. Which wouldn't be so gross, except the guy's also translucent.

6. Funniest Scene Resulting in Sex: Weeds' Andy attempts to will his body to resist Maria's advances by mentally picturing and uttering - more and more frantically as the passion intensifies - "Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs, LOU DOBBS!"

7. Least Dramatic Return: Britney Spears shows up at the 25th annual MTV: Video Music Awards looking prim and svelte, then delivers the same acceptance speech three times. The Jonas Brothers somehow fail to spice things up. Come on, MTV, you settle down around your 30th show, not your 25th: The 20s are for getting drunk and snapping at Elton John.

8. Most Cringeworthy Boyfriend-Girlfriend Interaction: Entourage's Drama and long-distance French girlfriend Jacqueline are lovebirds, as personified by their phone-cam signoff. Drama: "Tweet." Jacqueline: "Chirp."

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