Week 5: So not the Drama

Shockingly, the incredible hype for this week's episode of The Bachelor was all about a girl freaking out over the bachelor.

And even more shockingly, this "huge freak out" didn't happen until the last five minutes of the episode and it wasn't a big deal at all!

How many disappointing previews must we go through to learn that the preview is always, always far more interesting than the episode?

Hillary did indeed freak out, but it was far from as dramatic as promised.

Instead of her walking out of a date, as I had imagined, being unable to breathe from the emotional strain of loving someone so much she's known for a month who was dating other women, she didn't have her breakdown until after she was eliminated from the rose ceremony.

And then everything shown in the preview happened plus Brad coming out and talking to her for a minute, then going right back in to the women he kept around and making a carefree toast to meeting the families!

For once, there was actually a minimal amount of drama on a reality dating show... just when they promised drama like you've never seen before. Thanks for all the pointless hype.

As for the ladies left, I think Hillary was actually a better choice for him than most of these women. Jenni and Deanna are a little bit nuts, and the other ladies don't really seem like the greatest matches for him.

Sure, he felt like Hillary was more of a friend, but isn't a great friendship a wonderful and necessary part of a relationship?

Silly Brad. Maybe that's why this is why he's still single!


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