Week 6: The Living Ken Doll Speaks!

This season's pick for The Bachelor may be hot, but his personality hasn't shown through even this far in.

It seems, though, his personality really is this super nice, polite (boring) Texan guy, which pretty much makes him a real-life Ken doll.

So with this lack of shining personality, I haven't felt all that attached to Brad besides the usual entertainment of the guaranteed drama of the show.

But on last night's episode, the always juicy and truth-telling hometown dates came.

And as usual, there was a family who didn't trust this bachelor guy who's dating four women and telling all their families how much he cares.

This led to not only Brad being insulted by the family about his lifestyle and education, but for him to later not be apologized to by the bachelorette who was embarrassed by her family, but was put down even more.

And this, my friends, is when I began to like the bachelor. He stayed a southern gentleman, yes, but he didn't just allow Bettina to go on about how his bar business and lack of higher education didn't look good "on paper." He stopped her and was quite honest about how hard he's worked in his life to get where he is and that he's proud of his accomplishments.

Which he should be! And, I'm sorry, has he really been humble enough to not mention to any of these ladies that his hard work has made him millionaire?

I know plenty of families aren't going to be comfortable with their daughter marrying a guy who runs a bar, but he owns four of them with his family and has done very, very well. Plus he clearly doesn't care about using his business to meet and sleep with women or he wouldn't be on this quality TV show so very guaranteed to get him a wife.

Okay, at least he thinks he's being very genuine about finding a wife, and that's what matters!

I'll get off my soap box now. But the moment of Brad standing up for himself, not just as a pompous man who's made good money, but as a person who's truly worked hard and is humbly proud of himself and his family, well, this all made who Brad really is come into the light.

And gosh darn it, I like this hot Ken doll of a man despite his looks, yes, despite! And now as his protective viewer, I don't hate Bettina, but I'm pretty surprised after all that he chose to keep her around. I guess he just felt more in his heart that he and Sheena weren't a fit so he needed to let her go.

I'm pretty much counting on the final two being the brunettes at this point. Bettina's just getting another chance that I doubt will pan out, so it'll be on for some serious competition and heartbreak between Jenni and DeAnna - let the games begin!


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