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Ah, my TV life feels almost complete again with The Office's return! Now I just need 30 Rock and my Thursdays will be the mad funny nights I know and love.

The Office is not one for a huge amount of drama, but over the seasons, they've found just the right amount of drama (especially of the relationship variety) to not only keep us entertained through the seasons, but to bring us some great cliffhangers!

The Season 5 finale, 'Company Picnic,' left us with the tail end of the episode shocker that Pam is pregnant! The greatest part of this was that it was done in such a way with the documentary style that us viewers weren't actually in the room of the hospital with Jim and Pam as they were looking shocked and happy at the same time while hugging to whatever it was that the doctor meant to be x-raying Pam's ankle was telling them.

There wasn't much else it could have been besides pregnancy, especially with the huge hint from the nurse moments before asking Pam if she could be pregnant since that'd be an issue with taking an x-ray, but nonetheless, no one actually told us fans what was going on.

So now it's fall TV time and Jim, Pam and the rest of the quirky Office crew are back, kicking off the season with 'Gossip'! Pretty much right away (after Michael, Dwight and Andy's beyond hilarious intro of them thinking they were doing parcore) we got the interview with Jim and Pam telling us that she is pregnant as they joked about their shotgun wedding and all the reasons they were keeping the news to themselves in the office. (Did anyone else, by the way, forget the crazy sugar-rush they got from watching that insanely adorable couple??)

So at this point, Pam is four months along, and they've managed to keep it a secret, though as we could imagine and found out later, they did recently tell their parents. Luckily, the office has been distracted enough over the summer with their three interns (one of which is a Scavo kid on Desperate Housewives), who as we saw in the quick summer montage, pretty much did horrifically boring office tasks, got ordered around by power-tripping Dwight, harassed by Meredith, and learned absolutely nothing... except that a ream of paper is 500 sheets... or 300.

But while it was time for the interns to leave and hopefully discover much more interesting lives ahead of themselves like being successful business men or mothers (oh, Dwight, how the feminist in me adores being shocked at how insanely sexist you can be), they did come in handy as the catalysts for the entire 'gossip' premise of the episode.

Of course, nothing bad or childish like this could start without some sort of hilariously selfish Michael Scott intention. This time, a few of the Dunder Mifflin crew made a joke about a few of the interns possibly dating, and when Michael walked in on the joking, he thought it was some juicy office gossip he was being left out of. So what did Michael do? Used the interns for evil of course!

Michael went digging for some gossip and got some serious buzz from one of the interns that he saw Stanley out at a dance club making out with some woman. Michael figured he could make a joke out of Stanley going to a club, while it turned out this unraveled into an enormous mess of Michael discovering Stanley was not out with his wife, but was having an affair!

Michael was loving it because he was the one with the scandalous gossip, but once he discovered it could actually be true and that he could really ruin Stanley's life as Jim pointed out to him, Michael's big heart pulled through... only to have his "kindness" turn into a much more enormous snowball of damaging gossip!

I was surprised to hear that Stanley was actually having an affair since he's usually such a funny but unremarkable character who you'd never suspect to have a life like that going on outside of the office. I was still thinking it may not be true as Stanley told Michael about it in his car since Stanley would never open up to Michael, but I guess he was just too much in the thick of it and really needed Michael to shut down the rumor that he was not messing with Michael as I had imagined.

So while Stanley was off breaking up with his mistress, Cynthia, Michael came up with the "genius" idea of spreading a rumor about everyone in the office to try to make the Stanley rumor blend in and all get forgotten. But oh did that ever turn into disaster!

My absolute favorite result of the gossip was having Andy wrestle all episode about if he were gay or not, and then just when it was sounding reasonable that he should be questioning, as all the rumors exploded at the end of the day and Michael was forced to admit what he was up to, Andy burst out begging Michael to tell him if the true rumor was that he's gay! Hi-larious!!

I don't think it would matter all that much to the plot if Andy discovered he were gay, but having him think Michael would find out the fact of Andy being gay while Andy himself was so confused is way too funny!

While it turns out not to be a fact (or not yet) that Andy's gay, it was crazy to see Jim admit that he and Pam were pregnant! I'm still not entirely sure if he thought someone had really found out, or if he figured that someone else's rumor was true and he wanted to help them out by distracting with their truth.

Either way, it was really fun to have everyone freaking out during their party for the interns about their own rumors and others' rumors including Oscar unsuccessfully trying to convince Andy that he wasn't the voice of the Taco Bell dog, Kevin bursting out wanting to know who said he had a another person inside of him working controls, and Angela telling Pam that a baby conceived out of wedlock is still a bastard.

And again we're reminded why JAM wanted the pregnancy a secret!! But now the cat's out of the bag, and it's become clear yet once again that Michael's in love with Jim and Pam and also a complete moron considering he didn't laugh at or correct Jim when Jim made the joke that he had peed on the stick, and Michael really thought Pam's ultrasound was a picture of her vagina! Wow, Michael. Sometimes I really think he should be sent back to finish jr. high school.

But another lesson not so very well learned by Michael under our belts and the JAM baby drama has officially begun! So what do you think? On a show like The Office, I highly doubt they would have something go wrong with Pam's pregnancy, so I'd imagine they really will have the baby! Are you excited to finally get the JAM wedding and for the baby to come as well or are you feeling skeptical about these developments working with the usual light and ridiculous humor of the show?


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Sep 21, 2009 1:10PM EDT

Completely excited about the return of The Office! I felt whole again too to see JAM in their relationship, but only after I picked myself off the floor laughing so hard at the intro when Andy jumps straight into the empty refridgerator box....genius.
The interns are good but would of maybe liked to see Dwight torture them more. I missed Dwight all summer. Lucky I got a fix of him in Transformers 2 ;-)
Michael of course stole the show with his childish demanding to be the centre of attention by telling people gossip and unknowlingly revealing Pam's pregnancy. It's out of the bag now and I'm sure Michael will want to be there for the whole experience to JAM's despair. Looking forward to another classic season!

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