The Bachelor: Where Are They Now & The New Bachelor!

To pump up the March 17th premiere of the new season of The Bachelor, ABC brought us The Bachelor: Where Are They Now? special last night.

We got a nice little visit with Trista, Ryan, and their adorable baby (aka the only successful bachelor couple ever).

Later, we discovered fans' picks for the most dramatic Bachelor moment, most romantic moment, and most liked and disliked bachelors so far.

Sadly for the Italian Prince of bachelors, Lorenzo Borghese was voted least liked.

This is surprising considering he was a little boring, but a sweet guy while last season's Brad Womack would be the very obvious choice considering he broke two women's hearts along with angering many a fan! He also, by the way, turned down ABC's offer to appear on the special.

The favorite was Andy Baldwin, which I must also disagree with considering he's nice, but was far more boring than the nice guy prince!

We also got to hear from many a bachelorette who embarrassed herself bawling her eyes out after being turned down by the bachelor who are now married to wonderful guys... or living alone with a dog. All very nice stories of finding love NOT on The Bachelor.

We were reminded of the wonderful news that last season's DeAnna will be our next lady on The Bachelorette, and then we got a sneak peek at the madness to begin next Monday with The Bachelor: London Calling.

Now this guy, Matt Grant (pictured), a 27-year-old "global financier" from London has proclaimed himself to be coming to America to steal your women! While he came off a little pompous in these original clips, he was also introduced dancing around the streets of London and joking around, and then seemingly being very well-liked by the bachelor ladies... so maybe he's actually going to be fun and refreshing!

Or at least he'll provide another dramatic and unsuccessful season for us, but as long as the ride is great, we'll take it!

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The Bachelor: Where Are They Now & The New Bachelor!


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