Pushing Daisies: Circus of Emotions

Going into Season 2 of this amazing show, I was thrilled to have it back, but a little curious as to how Pushing Daisies could proceed as last season, the conflicts were pretty much laid out and all without a chance of resolution.

We had the major issue that Ned and Chuck were adorably in love, but could never touch, plus Chuck would always have to hide at The Pie Hole, Olive was in love with Ned who would never love her, and the aunts could never know Chuck was alive.

But in the season premiere, certain facts-of-the-matter were busted open, making the dead ends swerve off in different directions! Chuck's attempts to cheer up her aunts worked to the extent of getting them out of the house - and into The Pie Hole, making it incredibly more difficult for Chuck to remain "dead" and hidden to them.

Olive had a secret-implosion in her head, leading Lily to take Olive off to the nunnery where she gave birth to Chuck. This left Olive's apartment empty, riling up Chuck's desires to live a different life than she had when she was previously alive, which basically meant she needed to be on her own. So sad for Ned!

But this has taken away that very dead end for their coupledom, leaving Ned less than his usual cheery, yet slightly worried self, and into a very sad and lonely guy who no longer had the joy of waking up next to the love of his life - though a bed away.

So in this week's episode, the "detectives" were off to the circus to track down a runaway girl, still leading to dead people along the way for Ned to wake up, but a different sort of mystery which was fun.

The circus made for an interesting contrast to the usually more cheery characters as Ned was downtrodden from Chuck asserting her independence, and Chuck was busy feeling the freedom of her independence, yet the restraints of that as well.

While Ned and Chuck are usually on the exact same page, this left them lingering in different and new chapters to which the other could not relate. It also left Ned with the realization that there didn't seem to be a way for Chuck to move forward and live a new life with someone who'd only known her when she was young in her previous life.

Meanwhile, Olive was finding an independence of her own also in a cage like Chuck as she talked to Lily at the nunnery who decided she had to go back to Vivian, while Olive decided she had to stay at the nunnery for her own reason - to get over Ned.

But the lovely resolution of this episode post-dead mimes and clowns plus discovery of the missing girl? Ned and Chuck becoming adorable yet again - but in an all new way as they started over together! They walked out of their apartments pretending Chuck was the new girl in the building who meets Ned just then and, oh my, they both work at The Pie Hole! What a lovely coincidence of two people living next door!

So it seems Ned and Chuck have found a way to both be happy, yet give Chuck the chance to get a new start, while Olive has found a less happy way to get a new start, and Lily, well, she's still left with all her secrets, so I'm sure there could be more drama to come with that!

As for Emerson, we discovered this week - which we may have heard rumors of before - that Emerson has a daughter who his wife (perhaps now ex-wife?) took away years before.

What an interesting development it'd be to see Emerson with a daughter! I'm sure that's not soon to come, but an interesting side-story nonetheless.

I can't wait to see how these storylines continue to develop and if Chuck will become more restless, or if she'll feel content enough with this version of a new start.

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Oct 9, 2008 5:39PM EDT

I cant tell how much I LOVE this show. I know I said that before, but I think it needs to be said again and again.
Every episode so far has been surprising, unexpected, visionary and oh so loveable.
Cant help myself, everytime I watch a piece of it, I have this huge smile on my face, lasts for the rest of the day.
Simply adore it.

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