Entourage "Fire Sale" - So Close, Yet So Far

The Drama drama continues! Last week on Entourage, it was meltdown city for everyone: Drama freaked out over his big break up, Ari freaked out over his rivalry with Adam Davies, and Vince didn't so much freak out as discover his career was at rock bottom.

So this week, it was time for Drama to redeem himself by having a stellar appearance on The View, and Ari, well, he just always recovers because meltdowns are the norm for him, and for Vince it was time to sell himself along with E's indie film.

Vince quickly found himself turned down about 7 times, with only an offer for Ari to sell the movie... without Vince attached. Yet once again, Vince discovers his road back to the top is going to be a rocky one - or rather, more like an avalanche with producers, other actors, etc. at the top of that mountain making that avalanche.

E, upon Ari's suggestion, tries to get a bidding war going for his writers, which ends badly with Amanda pulling out entirely. Finally, they land on Vince's choice of playing the brother in the movie, and everyone's ever so happy besides a little disappointment from the writers that Ed Norton is out.

And during all this Vince-E-Ari drama, our buddy Drama is on The View with his cast mates who entirely throw him under the break up bus! Poor Drama and what jerks of cast members he has! Who would do that? Apparently they aren't really buddies, or the ladies of The View were so insistent on dirt, the guys figured they'd throw Drama under the bus rather than themselves.

So there's Drama apologizing to Jacqueline on The View, then immediately getting wasted on the plane ride home, landing himself in jail for sticking his head out the limo window, yelling, and yes, of course, throwing his pants in a cop's face.

Love it. And so, besides Drama's utter humiliation and the guys having to bail him out of jail, basically a day that worked out for everyone - until yet another call for E that Amanda wants back in - with Norton for $2 million - without Vince.

Ouch. So will Vince be out? Can E in all good consciousness screw his friend's already screwed career to make his new writer clients (and himself) more money? Well, Vince would say yes I'm sure. But what on earth will Vince do if he doesn't do that movie?

It looks like the Chase brothers just might need another get-away to forget all this disastrous madness.

Photo courtesy of newsday.com


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