Frozen: I Would Do Anything for Love...

The Super Bowl had some drama and good plays, but the real stuff came afterward with the exciting new episode of House! (Well, for some of us anyway.)

Over the seasons, we've discovered that sometimes House has these things called "feelings."

Though they are always, always so thoroughly expressed in a House-like fashion, that while it throws us all off a little to see him be sensitive, it really just makes us love him more as he expands yet holds true to his House-ness all at once.

House has gone on an awkward date with Cameron, proven he has an actual romantic past and some heart in there when his lawyer ex-girlfriend Stacy was around, and then saw him continue to be his tough and closed off self when he pushed Stacy away again.

But most of all, we see House not caring about his patients, and enjoy the running joke of him not only barely ever interacting with the patients, but him not knowing their names.

And then last night came a mini-romance for House as he took on a long-distance case with a woman doctor, Cate Milton, with a strange illness in the middle of nowhere at the South Pole.

After a little online consult/date for House and the patient, in which she evaluated his lonely life by virtually checking out his apartment, and he tried to get a bit of a peep show while telling her what she needed to examine on herself, House actually remembered her name and got a little bit attached - which Wilson was definitely not letting go when he picked up on it! (Especially since House spent half the episode stalking Wilson to discover his secret dating life.)

But, alas, it turns out House's online patient dating was not meant to be, though Cate would definitely be an interesting character to peel away a bit of House's onion-y layers for a while.

Instead, the situation really escalated with Cate's South Pole coworker who House picked up on pretty quickly as being in love with Cate.

While House seemed a little disappointed, in his sick and bizarre way, he ended up being happy about it since that meant, to House, that this guy would do anything for her... including drinking her urine to test the taste (yes this did have medical reasons), drill a hole in her head, and then yank on her frozen and broken toe, which House discovered was truly the root for her entire problem.

And who got the hug at the end? Well, this ever-so-giving coworker, of course. But House was a little too distracted discovering Wilson's new girlfriend to care... none other than House's fired little intern, Cutthroat Bitch!

Looks like we're in for a little comeback here, look out House!

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House: I Would Do Anything for Love


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