American Idol: Top 12 Rock & Flop

American Idol got down to business last night as the Top 12 competed for the first time on the enormous new Idol stage in front of an enormous Idol audience with a Beatles theme.

And most of them ate it up! But some of them also bit the dust.

Looks like with making the Top 12 also comes showing what you're really made of.

Those that performed like super-stars last night were Chikezie, Carly Smithson, and David Cook.

David started out a little wobbly, but then turned "All The Lonely People" from a bouncy but slower song to a rock ballad... and it was amazing.

Chikezie started out a little bit country, then ended up a little bit rock and roll, and this was also totally amazing! Chikezie is meant for a big stage and a big cheering audience - who knew from his first few shakier performances!

And Carly has just been a star all along, but she strutted around that stage with such confidence while knocking "Come Together" out of the park, that it was hard not to want to just declare her the winner right there! (If only I had the power.)

Other great but not quite super-star performances came from Brooke White, Michael Johns, Amanda Overmyer, David Archuleta, and Jason Castro. I absolutely love David and Jason, but they'll need to step it up, and in David's case, remember the words, to keep on truckin' through this competition.

The rest of the gang besides Kristy Lee Cook did a nice job with their songs, but were surprisingly not impressive. Kristy Lee Cook, on the other hand, was just plain disastrous.

It seemed throughout her performance of "Eight Days a Week" that she was racing with the band and losing badly. She tried a country spin on the song which could have worked alright, but it just... didn't. She wasn't as completely horrible as Simon said, but if she'd tripped off the stage, no one would have noted that as her embarrassing moment of the night.

Don't miss American Idol tonight at a special time, 9/8c on FOX, as 1 of the Top 12 is voted off!

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American Idol: Top 12 Rock & Flop


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