90210 Season 2, Episode 1: 'To New Beginnings' Review - Featured

Last season's hottest guilty pleasure returned last night with 90210's Season 2 premiere, 'To New Beginnings!'

While the episode did bring a good amount of change, it seemed instead of actually having new beginnings for all our characters, it was more like dwelling on old problems in different ways.

The biggest differences were that over the summer, Naomi, Silver, and Adrianna became joined-at-the-hip bffs, Silver and Dixon were officially broken up, and Annie became a creepy shut-in.

Besides those changes, it turned out Annie was entirely obsessed with Googling for news about her hit and run accident from last season's finale, which makes Annie still really annoying, but at least with a good reason to be annoying. Naomi acted like she was all about the new beginnings with her man craziness including accidentally having an affair with a married man and trying to hook up with Adrianna's first boyfriend, but turned out she wasn't so much into the new as trying to forget about Liam who apparently she only became more obsessed with since he disappeared after prom.

Otherwise, they took advantage of dragging out summer a little longer with a party where of course all the problems and old issues were able to come up including Navid trying to "finally" have sex with Adrianna, and Silver deciding she wanted to be with Dixon only to have that foiled by the new kid in town (Adrianna's ex-boyfriend). In all that hope for hooking up, the only one to actually do so was Annie, who only ended up at the party because Dixon refused to take her home. And so came her getting wasted with a random senior at the party, nabbing Navid's love nest, and Annie apparently drunkenly going through with having sex with the guy like the moron she is.

I know Annie's troubled right now, but it was a little odd to have her say "no" when we saw them first making out, then finding out later on the first day of school from senior boy that she'd gone through with it... and considering she said hi to him in an excited way, it seemed like she expected they may get together after that. But oh poor, poor Annie, the guy didn't care about her at all, but had taken naked pictures of her to prove to his buddies that he had sex with the goody-two-shoes principal's daughter.

Oh, the drama! While this was strange but intriguingly dramatic, the most strange and not dramatic part of this premiere was having Silver suddenly not even mention her bipolar issues. While Annie was very different in her sullen way, she at least had a reason, while Silver went from utterly unbalanced and miserable to a happy little Naomi clone. She did of course break down at the end of the party after the new boy ruined her chances with Dixon, but it was more of a normal high school break up break down as opposed to a Silver bipolar break down.

While I'm not advocating returning a large part of the story to Silver's problems since I think they were well enough focused on last season, it would be nice to at least get a mention of her still dealing, but hopefully that'll come up in the next few episodes.

In other break down news, Naomi started to lose it at the end of the episode as they started back at school when just as she was admitting to her girls that she was so into having a new guy every minute because it was the only way to distract her from thinking about Liam, there he was back at school! After her dramatic exit running away from Liam, she not only ran into Annie, but then ran into Annie's senior boy hookup whose buddies pushed him to show Naomi the naked Annie photo. Thanks to modern cell phone technology, she quickly scooped the photo right up onto her own phone. And just like that, mean girl Naomi didn't care about her own problems because she had nasty amo to get back at the bitch she thought had screwed her over.

It's good to have 90210 back, and I think it came back with some pretty good dramalicious power, but I'm going to need a few more episodes to decide if Season 2 has enough unique drama to keep us going! What did you think? Did you love the premiere or are you hoping for some improvements to come?




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Sep 9, 2009 3:40PM EDT

I am hoping for improvements... I'm interested to know whether we are supposed to actually like Naomi as in all honesty I really can't help but not. When she isn't being incredably phony trying to get some guy (which is also extremely annoying!) she is being a total incredable bitch to people and just comes across as really fake. I just wished she was more like the person we saw when she found out Adrianna was pregnant - a genuinely concerned friend with no alternative motive. I understand she is angry, but to spread a naked picture of anyone is just too far. What comes around goes around...
Soooo glad to see Liam back :D he is no doubt the hottest guy in 90210 and worth watching if only to oggle. The Annie/hit and run storyline is already boring me so I hope that wraps up soon. I am also really gutted at how much Silver has changed. There is no point having all these identical characters... it makes it boring. Not the greatest start... it can do better.

Default avatar cat

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Sep 14, 2009 4:41PM EDT

Liam is the epitome of handsome.

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