Dirt: A Night of Romance, Violence, and Deceit

One of the greatest and worst parts of Dirt is the truly down and dirty ways Dirt Now deals with the celebrity world, but it seems in Season 2, this dirty edginess remains, but yet the tone in general is less dark.

The point, perhaps, of Season 1 was to prove how intriguing and different Dirt was, and now that it's proven, Lucy can become a little more human and the drama can get a little more personal.

And this doesn't just mean for Lucy's love life which has certainly changed since the main focus of Season 1 of her extremely emotionless physical relationships.

In last night's episode, as had started the week before, we saw Lucy finally make the transition from being constantly tough and emotionally cut off, to showing she actually has feelings for someone (Holt) which she's willing to admit and actually go with.

Now, as we could imagine, Lucy can't possibly get away with enjoying life and love since she doesn't let anyone else in the public eye do so! But then again, can it really go under the radar when her date to the awards gets punched by Holt, the guy who's girlfriend tried to kill Lucy? The public may not have picked up on Lucy and Holt's "relationship" before, but now it's certainly going to be news-worthy.

And let's not forget one of the other main events in last night's episode where Holt's new movie co-star showed up drunk or drugged to present, threw up on stage, and was whisked away to the hospital! Could Lucy get any blame for this though she's on the trail of the actress who's supposed to be the replacement?

Well, considering she has her crew on the job taking drugs with baseball stars just to get the inside scoop, this could land her in more trouble than it's worth, but does Lucy ever care?

While this season is indeed a little less dark, it certainly isn't all that much lighter as we're still getting plenty of dirty drama, and maybe even some death as Brent ended up passed out in his new car in his garage... hm. Looks like there was more than one suspicious thing going down at that awards ceremony!

Photo courtesy of thetvaddict.com


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