Comedy of the Week: Who's your favorite Arrested Developement Character?

This week's Comedy of the Week is honoring the wonders of Arrested Development!

So, as we revel in the Bluth joy, who's your favorite Arrested Development character?

This is one of those shows in which they work off each other to perfection, but I think my most laugh-out-loud single-character moments go to the incredible, magical Gob!

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Large newrachelimage
Aug 6, 2008 5:47PM EDT

I too love Gob, but I think Tobias has provided me with the most laugh out loud lines/moments!
All together now..."I just blue myself!"

Default avatar cat
Aug 8, 2008 5:35PM EDT

The Scene where Gob tried throwing the letter in the ocean was hilarious, and Tobias has also made me laugh out loud. But my favorite character is Micheal. I don't know why, he just is. Maybe because he seems to be the only sane one in his family, like me :) Well, I hope :P

Dec 30, 2008 3:21PM EST

Yes, I agree. Arrested Development is genius!
Hmm, my favourite character would have to be between Tobias or Gob. Clearly, the funniest characters in the show.
..although I do like George-Michael's awkwardness.

Default avatar cat
May 1, 2009 3:36PM EDT

Jeffrey Tambor's dual roles of the Twins George and Oscar are my favorite. He does both of them so well. The faces he makes have made me laugh so hard tears were in my eyes. "You should have seen his face begging me not to fire him...well actually he's my twin I could just show you." *Face*. So great.

Default avatar cat
May 1, 2009 3:38PM EDT

Oh and I forgot: Buster: This is all my father's fault! Oscar: MY FAULT how could this be...Oh George Sr. Yes, you're's his fault...*face*

Default avatar cat
May 1, 2009 9:28PM EDT

My favorite character was the mother. She was so insane you have to love her. The scenes with Buster and the mother always got laughing. Tobias was great to his never nudeness was pretty awesome, but when he started painting himself and spying on his wife I was dieing. this show was the funniest probably my favorite comedy of all times.

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