Gossip Girl 'Bonfire of the Vanity': Sacrifices of Freedom and Success

This week's Gossip Girl, "Bonfire of the Vanity," actually gave Dan an interesting storyline involving the Bass men, which was a nice change of pace to Dan's more sidekick role in his recent storylines. Speaking of his sidekick role, where on earth was Nate this week?

He didn't appear once, which maybe is meant to be making him briefly mysterious since he fell on rough times with his family, then even rougher times after his new bff kicked him out.

Hopefully we'll be seeing more of Nate later on, but for now, he seems to be Jenny's last concern. Agnes continued to prove to be nothing but trouble for Jenny as she took a huge part in making the fashion show happen and get Jenny's name and designs out there, but the part that was out there this week was Agnes and her awful attitude!

Sure, it's a little crazy that a 15-year-old is getting the chance to be a designer, but she deserves the chance to see what success she could have. And Agnes threw that all under the bus as she not only sabotaged business meetings, but when she discovered J went behind her back trying to cut her out, she torched J's dresses she had to show for herself and her designs!

This was awful and heartbreaking, but really J? The scene with Agnes torching Jenny's dresses was pretty pathetic as J didn't even try to grab the dresses from her, nor pull them out of the beginnings of the torching. They definitely could have been saved, and for a girl so passionate, that was a pretty lame showing.

Otherwise, it seems that whole deal turned out for the best as Agnes is probably out of Jenny's life and career, meaning the business manager J needs will take her on - but only with a parent signature, which proved to be impossible, leading Jenny to actually want to go along with the only other choice - becoming an emancipated minor! Now that's a little drastic. I'm hoping Rufus will pull through after Dan's speech to him that he needed to get Jenny back no matter what before J can go through with this madness!

In the rest of the GG world, Dan was busy snuggling up to Bart Bass after Dan's professor introduced him to a head editor at The New Yorker who'd read Dan's story on Chuck Bass, and wanted one on Papa Bass. Dan was hesitant, but excited about what it could mean for his writing career, so he went for it - until Chuck did detective work and revealed Dan's sneaky intentions to his father.

But finally, something good came of Chuck's manipulations as Dan didn't submit the story that would ruin Bart Bass, but instead submitted his story about Chuck to Bart. And surprise, surprise, even this man has a heart, and he finally saw how unloved Chuck felt and was ready for some real father-son bonding!

We also got some parental drama for Blair who wasn't loving her mother's new suitor, but was taught a lesson that looks don't always make a person - wow, what a great lesson for this Queen Bee to learn on her 18th birthday.

This man also turned out to be artist Aaron's father, though it appears they are nothing alike, beyond their difference in looks. While Cyrus turned out to be a one-woman man, Aaron turned out to be about the free love dating, which Serena realized wasn't her style, though she changed her mind a bit as she took off with him at the end, letting herself be free by running around NY in her slip.

This is not the most interesting storyline right now, but I guess we have to have someone of the teens having a relationship with Chuck and Blair calling it off, Dan and Serena off, and Nate and Jenny seemingly off as well.

I'm most looking forward to seeing how Jenny's plans play out, and hopefully we'll be seeing Nate reappear soon to see how he can play back into everyone's stories. And I suppose, if we're not going to have Blair and Chuck together, let's get our kids some new love interests!

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Default avatar cat
Nov 11, 2008 7:25PM EST

what still baffles me, apart from the horrendously boring story line this week, is why chuck wasn't at blair's birthday party. they may not be together, but they do care a great deal about one another nonetheless....

Default avatar cat
Nov 12, 2008 5:40PM EST

thank you, i thought i was the only one who thought the whole burning of the dresses was pathetic, come on, if she really cared about it she would have grabbbed it out of the bin. i also thought it was stupidly funny when agnes poured gasoline on the dresses and when she lit the match jenny was like 'agnes what r u doing' like hellooo shes going to burn it lol. from the moment she poured the gasoline, jenny had many chances to grab her dresses. o well..

Default avatar cat
Nov 12, 2008 8:30PM EST

The dress-bonfire was pathetic. Agreed.She's just heaping them in a bin and throwing accelerant on them. And what does she do? "Why are you doing this?" Mascara run. "PLEASE don't do this!" Really bad ugly-cryig. "Pleasseeee".
Bad all around. TACKLE that crazy bitch and wrestle that match thing out of her hand. I don't care. Do something but look blankly out from under that dreadful helmet-bang they've styled you with.
I miss the sweet Jenny. The new one sucks.

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