Zero Worship: Back-Track Betty?

Ugly Betty has returned and Betty's ready for action!

We've been reminded a few times that though Betty has a good job at a big magazine, she's not really doing what she really wants to do.

In last night's episode, she brought Justin's class around for a tour of Mode, which sounds fun until you remember what high school kids are like.

She reminded by her old high school teacher that not only is she not actually making that much of a difference, but she's still an assistant and still living at home.

Oh and the high school girls sure showed she's "ugly" and "chubby." The thrill of remembering how cruel high school can be!

But Betty lives in that world everyday with the immature super-skinny brats at Mode, so why the need for a group of evil high school girls to turn Betty around?

Last night's episode was fun and it was great to see Betty getting more important influence over Daniel that actually led to them pulling off a "real women" fashion show, but isn't this exactly what we've been seeing from Betty working at Mode this whole time?

Last season Betty struggled, then finally found her place and some influence in Mode with her smarts and relationship with Daniel, and now it seems they're trying to prove that all over again, maybe to make it okay that Betty's back at Mode.

All in all, it was awesome to see Ugly Betty pulling out some kind of actual real issues of the fashion world, so it'd be great to see that continue, but I'm hoping this was just an introduction to what's to come instead of this point being made and moving along!

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