Don't Ever Change: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes...

In our final House strike episode, things got freaky.

There's nothing quite like tricking a newly married, newly religious woman into thinking it's sunset to make her quit being "stupid" about postponing her much needed surgery.

And there's also nothing quite like casually discovering Thirteen is bisexual, and that Wilson's "really" dating House.

Now, let's recall that Thirteen, Olivia Wilde, played the sexy bisexual on The O.C. who dated Seth then Marissa.

Now that's an interesting kind of type-casting - and both FOX shows... hmm suspicious! While this fact was barely brushed upon in last night's episode since apparently Foreman doesn't give a damn (okay, Miss Scarlet O'Hara), I'm sure it'll create some interesting twists later on.

And it looks like maybe Foreman does give a damn considering House made a comment to Thirteen at the end of the episode saying, "You do it both ways, don't you?"

But House, always on the medical track, only meant doing the ultrasound on the patient laying down and standing up - but there was a smirk after she walked away.

So, the patient's very huge change of lifestyle from rock and roll girl to very strictly Jewish, made everyone question the boxes they were put in.

And so House is left to mull over how he thinks Wilson is dating the female House (though he finally admitted to being "okay" with it and that maybe there's more to her right at the end), another patient's weird disease figured out - this time her kidney was shaken loose and just needed a little fix-up, and all House's sidekicks ready for some more action as their characters actually develop - intriguing!

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House: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes...


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