The Bachelorette: Cowboy Sparks A'Flying!

This week on The Bachelorette, sparks were flying... between some hot bachelor cowboys - whoo hoo! But, sadly, this was not quite Brokeback Mountain comes to ABC.

On DeAnna's group date of the week, she took the guys line dancing, complete with cowboy shirts, hats, and boots. So while DeAnna got some one-on-one time with a few of the guys, the rest were hanging around laughing and joking around the campfire... aww. Until Jeremy turned up!

This guy has gotten more than his fair share of time with DeAnna, and he's not a jerk at all, but he's definitely very confident in their connection which is making those bachelor cowboys hopping mad!

Oh, boys will be boys. This meant some definite sparks from just about all the guys (angry sparks, sniff, sniff) flying at Jeremy.

This also meant DeAnna coming to his defense when she chatted with Ron, telling him she didn't like how he gave Jeremy a hard time about getting roses two weeks in a row, letting him sit pretty for so long in DeAnna's house.

This caused even more tension back at the ranch with the guys, but no one's impressing DeAnna by being jerks about or to Jeremy, which apparently Ron learned as later before the rose ceremony, he politely bowed out when Jeremy interrupted his time with DeAnna.

Unfortunately, though he learned, it wasn't good enough as Ron was one of the guys cut out last night.

While these cuts were rough for DeAnna at the rose ceremony, the roughest was definitely her decision to cut Richard right on the spot during their one-on-one date.

So, yeah, the guy got to have a nice romantic time with her on their Cinderella carriage ride, but meanwhile, cut back and forth to their confessional moments to the camera, Rick was all about how he was feeling it, and DeAnna was all about how she wasn't.

Wow, she's serious about this! The moment she decided in the carriage that this just wasn't it for her, she called for them to pull over and left him right there!

She was clearly feeling sad about it, and didn't make him look like a fool... well, okay she did, but she let him down lightly while she did it... ouch.

She did have a fantastic one-on-one romantic date with Jason, though, which was a big relief for him as he took this time to tell her about his son, Ty. And DeAnna not only was okay with it, but after their really nice time at the observatory, she gave him a certificate for a star she had named for Ty - so sweet!!

The other event of note for the episode was the whole gang's visit to see Ellen DeGeneres! Since Ellen's a big supporter of DeAnna finding love after her Brad debockle, she got the joy of testing out the guys and then giving out a rose which went to the adorable Chicago boy Fred!

Now I don't think much will bloom there for a romantic connection, but he's definitely a good guy worth more of DeAnna's time.

So, at the end of it, we were left with Rick, Ron, and Paul gone. Sad for Rick, but as for the others, not a big deal. I'm sure now things will just get more and more serious for DeAnna - with the way things are going, this season will certainly keep getting better!

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