Desperate Housewives, "Sunday": Have a Little Faith in Me

*Spoilers Included*

Desperate Housewives finally returned last night, and it was packed with drama and... faith?

"Sunday" brought us some good, juicy drama as the story of Katherine Mayfair continued to unfold. We found out that her aunt's letter she'd thrown in the fire stated that Dylan's father had been murdered... by Katherine!

So, this is what Adam discovered, leading the cheating husband to leave the murderous wife. Ah, suburbia. So, in true DH fashion, the gossip got out, and the ladies showed up to Katherine's door to comfort her with muffins and jam.

And, in true Katherine fashion, she turned the nosy women away, though later apologizing to Susan Mayer when she brought Dylan over to study with Julie/get hit on by Susan's hot younger cousin Tim, guest star Chris Carmack from The O.C./tell Julie she believed her mom had killed her father.

This all turned into us seeing that it really seems Katherine killed her abusive ex-husband and buried him in the woods nearby, Adam lying to Dylan about what he'd found out, and Tim indeed sleeping with a Mayfair as Susan feared, but not the almost 18-year-old one! Surprise, surprise, the woman he lost his virginity to, Katherine!

Oh, the tangled webs DH weaves. And oh, how Susan continues to be ridiculously befuddled by every situation.

But, off the drama and on the faith side of the episode which fell to Lynette and Gaby. It was interesting to see DH actually touch on religion as it's mostly popped up in the show so far for the sake of many weddings and divorces along the way. This time, Lynette's battle with cancer led her actually desiring some sort of real faith to lean on.

Now, of course, this still led to some cattiness as Lynette went along to Bree's church and embarrassed her by standing up and asking questions, leading Bree to "casually" suggest Lynette not return to her church.

This all worked out nicely eventually with Bree admitting her wrongs and actually having a religion heart-to-heart with Lynette which was nice as the moments of true friendship have gotten more rare on the show.

As for Gaby, she was her usual silly self begging a priest to marry her and Carlos (again), and promised to switch religions if she ever got divorced again. So this meant Carlos needed to do a little confessing - to Gaby... but he didn't quite come clean. For Carlos, he'd realized he may love Gaby, but he doesn't truly have faith in her.

He really believed Gaby wouldn't stay with him if he told her the truth that he was going to be permanently blind. This really isn't that bad of a lack of faith considering Gaby's shallow ways, but at the heart of it, I'd think Carlos would have more faith than fear of how she'd react.

So, he came kind of clean by telling her he'd be blind a few months longer, which got us back to the drama of Edie being the one to tell Gaby Carlos's blindness was far more serious.

Luckily, this just left us with some abuse to the blind from Gaby as she expressed her feeling about him lying, but led to some bonding in their relationship as Gaby said she could forgive him and absolutely still wanted to be with him.

But can she? After all they've been through, it would seem Gaby and Carlos will stick together this time, and Gaby's certainly grown from the way we first met her as the shallow, money-grubbing wife cheating on her embezzling husband with their teenage gardener.

So it seems they could really stay happy together... maybe. This might be a little more certain as it looks like we'll be shifting our relationship drama next week to Lynette and Tom as Rick shows up again! Dun, dun dun.... now will Lynette's cancer and new-found religion be enough to keep her away from this possible temptation?

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Apr 16, 2008 12:59PM EDT

that was not the best episode!! i was waiting for Orson..naked in susan's kitchen :D i have to wait a week for that :p But it was good to see them back!!

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