Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap: "Cocktail with a Twist"

In the second episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts, Morgan and Seth have bonded over their heterosexuality. You'll remember Seth as the chef who won last week's Quickfire and distinguishes himself with the use of savory flavors in his desserts. Morgan made that fried chocolate pie that landed him in the bottom three.

Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap: Pastry-making is crazy-making

Tim is the "go-to" mama. So far, we know that means he makes the coffee, is older, and likes to play the motherly role. Last week, he identified himself as "the snow queen." Speaking of moms, Seth's has been going through physical surgeries and he wants to win the title of Top Chef for her.

To the Quickfire! Welcome Elizabeth Falkner, Top Chef Masters also-ran and spiky-haired pastry chef extraordinaire. She wants them to make a penny candy masterpiece. Hmmm. This is the equivalent of the vending machine challenge in Top Chef original recipe. (I'll say right now that I'm OK with sour patch kids and the occasional red vines. Jawbreakers? Atomic Fireballs? Pointless. Disagree with me? Let's duke it out in the comments.)

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