American Idol: Atlanta's Bringin' on the Noise... and the Tears

American Idol still found some crazies in Atlanta, but this city brought on the sad, sweet stories big time.

Yes, we had a crazy girl who has now entirely destroyed Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" by speak-screaming it while walking and jumping in circles around the floor and then completely falling down by slipping on her fallen audition badge.

But besides a few disastrous auditions like this one and the creepy guy singing a possessed version of some acapella song, there were more touching stories from Atlanta.

First came the girl (pictured) who called her dad on her way to the audition two days before to say she was on her way, and she loved him, and then received a call from her brother a half hour later that her dad died in a car accident. And if this didn't make us usually ready to laugh American Idol fans tear up, her audition certainly did.

She didn't play up her situation for sympathy, but dedicated her audition to her dad, and then sang a very heartfelt and beautiful audition of LeAnn Rimes' "How Do I Live Without You" which led to Paula tearing up, and Simon commending her extremely kindly on her courage and great heartfelt performance. And off she went with three yeses, and most certainly a chance to make her daddy proud... sniff sniff!

Then we had a happier sweet story of another truly awesome audition from a 16-year-old girl who's entire family including her 93-year-old grandmother came along to the audition. And of course, because she was incredible, she got through and got to give her grandma a big hug though Ryan was having a hard time letting the adorable grandma go!

And then there was the final auditioner, a teenager who dropped out of high school, left home, and has been living in his car playing gigs for almost a year. He had a whole lot of nothing, except his very sweet and genuine personality, his guitar, and his fantastic voice. Sounds like a country song waiting to happen? Well he sure is from a tiny little Tennessee town, but when he opened his mouth to sing... I'm sorry... is that a British accent??

And yes, yes it was! Though strange, this accent he picked up from listening to lots of British music actually worked for him and got him through with three yeses too! Hopefully American Idol can fork over a little cash to gas his home all the way to Hollywood.

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American Idol: Atlanta's Bringin' on the Noise... and the Tears


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