Gossip Girl Finale Roundup: Top 10 OMFG Scandals!

The big Season 3 finale of Gossip Girl finally comes tonight, so as we impatiently await to see how the fate of Blair and Chuck will fall and much more, let's run down the top Gossip Girl scandals ever!

Check out my top 10, then tell me your top favs in the comments below!

1. Serena and Nate sleep together... the first time

While it wasn't as shocking as the Gossip Girl writers seemed to think it would be when Nate and Serena got together this season, it was definitely shocking when we heard the mysterious Serena van der Woodsen slept with Queen B's seemingly fated-to-be boyfriend Nate Archibald! When hooking up with everyone who was almost certainly not a relative wasn't so common-place on Gossip Girl, this kind of scandal was what made us GG newbies hooked and ready for more action!

2. Broken-hearted Blair hooks up with Chuck

Pre-'Chair,' this hook up was the biggest scandal ever! At that point in the story, we knew Blair as scheming for popularity, yes, but in her love life, she was all about Nate and was basically planning their wedding... until she discovered he slept with her best friend and left her a loyal, lonely virgin. Minutes after breaking up with Nate, Blair ended up seeking comfort in Nate's bff who at that point was not in love with, or even registering, Blair on his radar for possible exploits. But, as we know the story goes, Blair ends up attracting Chuck's attention with her dancing at his club leading to her coming on to him in his limo, then her cashing in her V-card right there with Chuck in his limo. Oh the scandal indeed! Looking back on all this, I have no idea how these twisted best friend relationships ever ended up healed again!

3. Bye, bye Bart Bass

While we were all busy wondering how Lily was going to ditch new hubby Bart Bass for old flame Rufus Humphrey, new step-son Chuck was busy confronting Lily about how horrible she was, annnd... Bart Bass was busy wrapping up all these problems in a disastrous bow by getting himself killed in a car accident. While I suppose some of us saw that coming (considering the non-so-subtle promos), it was still pretty shocking to kill off such an important secondary character. Gossip Girl has had many an almost fatal accident, but it's the kind of show that's more about the drama of the threat than the actual death, so it was surprising to see them go through with killing someone off, and even more surprising that the death wasn't a lame out for the entire love triangle situation, but actually an enhancement to the plot overall.

4. Why Serena really left boarding school

There were fairly satisfactory explanations about why Serena left boarding school when she made her big return early-on, but when Georgina returned with what was clearly an enormous threat to Serena to reveal what had really happened, that certainly got our attention. Sure, this is another storyline that was short-lived and had no lasting consequences, but it was a fun drama while it lasted including an almost-sextape for Serena, which seemed dramatic enough for the likes of bad girl Serena, but when that sextape turned into evidence of Serena being present for a drug-overdose death, well, that properly turned it from an average OMG moment to OMFG!

5. Dan-Olivia-Vanessa Threesome

It was becoming clear that eventually Dan and Vanessa would get together, but for it to kick off with a threesome with Dan's current girlfriend played by none other than (previously) Disney good girl, Hilary Duff? Scandalicious!

6. Rufus and Lily have a love child

Who... has now been entirely forgotten about. But it was fun while it lasted including not only the drama of them having a secret son, but his adopted parents faking that he was dead, then him stalking them down including befriending/dating Vanessa to get close to Dan.

7. Jenny Humphrey, Drug Dealer

While the show is not the most creative ever with some of these fast-paced NY life storylines, I was surprised to be intrigued by the Jenny drug dealer storyline as it was different enough from the rest of the show storylines at the time, and with her recent past of disaster, she was the only believable character to wonder about if she was truly going to go off the deep end and never come back. Soo, yes, she turned away from that life afterall, but the news still got out just enough to haunt her properly so that it holds strong as one of the best nasty hanging scandals so far!

8. Mother Chucker

When Chuck saw a mysterious woman at his father's grave, it was pretty clear it was going to turn out to be his "dead" mother, but it was still pretty crazy to reveal that the mother he'd spent his life feeling guilty about killing was not actually daed. So while that was all pretty surprising, even more shocking was what unfolded after she showed up in NY! Who would've guessed a mother coming back from the dead plotline would get as twisted as her trying to steal her long-lost-son's business in a secret plan with his evil uncle because she's in love with Uncle Jack?? But as all that fell through, we're now we're left to wonder if this story is really closed after the extra drama of Elizabeth coming clean saying she was not his mother only for us to then discover she really is...

9. Chuck Sells Blair

As if losing one of the only two women who'd ever really loved him wasn't enough, the Jack-is-back crisis continued as Chuck made the ultimate sacrifice to get his hotel back from Jack: Blair. This was a whole confusing mess as Chuck didn't think he was really giving her up because neither Blair nor Jack would go through with it, and/or he thought it was all okay for the sake of love and money, and then Blair thought she was going to do it without Chuck knowing about it. Any way about it, this was the ultimate 'Chair' mind game, and this time it didn't end in spicing up their relationship, but instead bringing it to a tragic halt.

10. Serena's Dad comes and goes

In this case, the drama of Serena's long search for her dad and the reason he had been hiding from her, recently at least, was almost more exciting than the unraveling of his secrets. But, nonetheless, it was a pretty huge deal to have the mysterious Dr. van der Woodsen appear in the flesh and be up to more trouble than expected, including quite the scheme to not only try to steal Lily back, but actually almost guarantee her need for him via messing with her health and marriage! Ah, the delicious, disastrous schemes these Upper East Siders weave!

What do you think? Are these the most delicious Gossip Girl scandals?



Default avatar cat
May 18, 2010 2:34AM EDT

Well after todays episode I would think that all the above would be shot to bitsit was probably the worst episode ever.I can't even begin to say why.

May 18, 2010 4:07AM EDT

@truble678, Indeed. I was aghast at what had happened. I was very unpredictable. Was the episode the finale, for real? I don't want it to end like that. Holy Crap. My heart just exploded. BTW, I'd say it isn't the worst episode. I think it was the best, we just didn't like what happened. Wohoo!

Default avatar cat
May 18, 2010 5:40AM EDT

Jenny finally lost her virginity, I never thought it would be Chuck! Chuck wanted to propose to Blair! Chuck got shot! Dan wants Serena back AGAIN :p Dorota finally had her baby :) Georgina pregnant with Dan's baby? I don't know.. I actually can't remember them sleeping together lol, did they? That was, for once, a very good episode :)

May 18, 2010 6:10AM EDT

it definitely wasn't the worst. the unpredictable stuff in it is what made it the best! because you completely didn't see it coming yet it all fits together. :)

May 18, 2010 8:28AM EDT

While I dont think it was the worst I surely don't think it was the best. I'd say the episode was well... Blah.
It was okay but a bit too predictable, and it is really really hard to have any sympathy for Jenny after her behaviour this season. So no, I dont feel bad about her loosing her V to Chuck or that she's being shipped off to her mothers. To be honest I think the only charecters I actually have sympathy for is Dan and Blair (which is weird).
It was an okay episode but nothing about it really made me go "OMG I can't wait to the start of next season!" Not even a little.

Default avatar cat
May 18, 2010 8:54AM EDT

A great finale for a great show.The Georgina scenes were slightly annoying..untill the last one lol. It actually kind of made me laugh..I mean can you imagine Georgina back in NY with Dan's baby, when he obviously wants to get back with Serena.Chuck/Blair = :( Glad that Blair finally gave in, but things seemed a little too perfect, with Jenny actually doing Chuck a favour..I wanted to hear the rest of Chuck's proposal! :( and Chuck getting shot :O He just wanted the ring back..and what a pretty ring it was :(Jenny made the show interesting, with all her teenage angst/drama lol, I was hoping she'd get with Nate (what the hell was he doing at the end? so unlike him!) but I think Little J will be back, unless Im wrong and Taylor Momsen's leaving the show :SDan/Serena..I think that storyline is boring now, especially now their parents are married :SLooking forward to next season..hope Blair comes back to Chuck's side when she finds out :)

May 18, 2010 7:12PM EDT

if you kill off chuck bass , i will never watch again . like deadset , that was horrible i dead set wanted to cry he didnt need to be shot that was over excessive! and if dan and serena get together again doesnt that make the incestous boundaries blurred?like the show got away with it oncebut now they are half brother and half sister , like im from australia and over here that stuff is definately not acceptable nor common place. the show should also get rid of georgina it just seems she comes on to add an episode some more drama. both her and carter basin.
plus when will the next season be airing.?

Default avatar cat
May 18, 2010 7:14PM EDT

Oh come on, Chuck has loved Blair from the beginning.

May 18, 2010 8:20PM EDT

Chuck's not going to die. That's already been stated.

May 19, 2010 12:08PM EDT

Chuck won't die. Chuck and Blair won't break up. Georgina's not preggy. Dan and Serena won't get together. I can't wait 'til next season. When is it?

Default avatar cat
May 19, 2010 7:32PM EDT

Where was it stated that Chuck survives? Oh come on, they can't get rid of the most interesting character

May 19, 2010 9:58PM EDT

the season finale really made me cry. especially when chuck was about to propose to blair, then suddenly, boom. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. :( this episode was the best episode ever!!!! the happenings were not that pleasant but it was reallly exciting!

Default avatar cat
May 21, 2010 12:44AM EDT

i hope,Chuck Bass wont die this coming season...i really like his character..it really fits him..Especially when it comes for the sake of Blair...Can't wait to see them back together..

Default avatar cat
May 23, 2010 4:18PM EDT

Jenny really kept the original gossip girl flair this season! she's the devil and I like! I never felt that Serena and Nate were meant for a couple... it just seems wrong i don't see the chemistry... I see Nate and Jenny as more to together... the same way i see Dan and Serena and chuck and Blair together. Vanessa? i don't even know who she is great with, maybe they need someone new for her.
But season 3 ending kinda left me in a hang, totally unexpected... and yeah 'chuck bass can't die' but still how will they play that off, like who at that place will help chuck??? oh well, I look forward to season 4....

Default avatar cat
May 30, 2010 12:27AM EDT

The finale was definitely intense. I'm pretty sure I sat on my couch for about five minutes with my mouth hanging open after it ended. I never used to like Chuck Bass, but this season has made me really start to like him. I sooo wanted him to propose to Blair, and now he doesnt even have the ring! I know that Chuck wont die, but if he did, I would be so mad at this show. Im glad Jenny is gone. She has been really annoying this season. I just feel like she was always making stupid decisions and then expecting everyone to feel bad for her. Georgina coming back, and being pregnant, was a huge shock. I am so mad that this is happening! I wanted Georgina to be gone for good, but I guess that's not going to happen now.
The finale was one of the best episodes of Gossip Girl yet. I can't wait for season 4!!!

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