American Idol: Puppy Love for Simon and Chikezie Eze Love for All!

While it seemed we'd seen all the highlights and horrors of the American Idol Season 7 auditions, we were in luck with even more on last night's "Best of the Rest" episode.

The true highlight of the evening was the "three-way." They were a little creepy and odd, but really, really pretty. And had the cutest puppy known to man... especially Simon!

This three-some was twin brothers (who chose to dress alike and audition together), who were insanely tan and came along with their extremely tan blonde-bombshell girlfriend. Oh, I mean, she's dating one of them. But apparently there was some confusion when they first met as to who she'd actually end up dating.

So once we kind of cleared up who she was dating, the guys went ahead with their audition in which they rapped together... this wouldn't have been terrible except it looked like something you'd do hanging out in a basement with your buddies after a couple of drinks. And the poor "lead singer" of the two continued for a solid two minutes saying things like, "yeah," and "come on now, let's do this." And then finally remembered the words to their made-up rap about them auditioning for American Idol.

As for the girlfriend, I'm sure the focus would have been on her very tiny black satin dress, but instead, it was on her very tiny black fluff-ball puppy! I'm pretty sure that's the first time we've seen Simon's teeth for so long - he just couldn't stop smiling with his ever so happy instant puppy love!

And hey, I don't blame him - Panda was the most adorable little pup to ever audition! So the ruling was on this tan beauty that they'd let Panda through, but she was a definite no with her horrid audition.

Another hot blonde highlight was Alesha, a girl who went for a Celine Dion song and got shut down pretty quickly by Simon, but Paula and Randy became obsessed with how she sounded like Dolly Parton.

So, they sent her away to go learn a Dolly Parton song and come right back to audition again! Talk about pressure. Yet, somehow, she did it with no problem at all and barely with any expression of stress.

She seems like a great one to see grow as she heads for more auditions, but hopefully she lets some personality shine through too!

But amidst the blonde beauties and some other great talents popping up, one man stood alone with his awesomeness: none other than a Mr. Chikezie Eze.

Oh yes, his name is incredible, but so is his voice! He had auditioned the year before but apparently Randy wasn't "feeling him," so he didn't make it through. But this year, he wowed them with his beautiful voice and excellent presence, so on he went!

He's definitely one to look forward to hearing more from and about in Hollywood!

So now all the fun and games are over and it's time for the real stuff. It looks like the competition and pressure is going to running at an all time high for all the contestants and it should be wonderfully dramatic to see all our audition favorites try to handle the heat!

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American Idol: Puppy Love for Simon and Chikezie Eze Love for All!


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