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Two words describe the Fringe finale: shock and awe.

This episode is the epitome of the unpredictable and remarkable first season for Fringe. It gave us lots of surprises, some missteps, a few answers, and a few new mysteries. And for good measure, it ended on a surprising and controversial image. The finale was an appropriate ending for this chapter of the series, and a great sign of what's to come.

This episode had plenty of bright spots: perfect acting by John Noble, huge answers to questions that have lingered throughout the series, and new revelations and mysteries to ponder for season two. Fans that have been waiting patiently for the big story payoff should be very happy.

There were, however, some notable flaws in this episode. The pace of this episode was a little slow in some spots, which is something that a lot of Fringe stories have suffered from. Also, Jones' makeup was, in a word, bad. The series had a little trouble with makeup and props before, but this stuff was really poor. And the much-anticipated reveal of William Bell didn't quite work as well as it could have. The "shocking special guest star is revealed from the shadows!" moment fell flat, partially because many sources already reported that Leonard Nimoy was cast as William Bell weeks ago. And if that weren't enough, the Nimoy credit at the beginning of the show certainly didn't do anything to maintain the suspense.

Once Bell made his not-so-grand entrance, the show teased us with a scant glance at a newspaper cover that gives us a glimpse into what's going on in this other universe. If you pause that precious moment, you'll see the main headline about the Obamas moving into the "new" White House, and it also has a headline about former President Kennedy addressing the U.N. And for you masters of obscure sports trivia, Len Bias wins the MVP award in a Celtics sweep.

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Default avatar cat
May 14, 2009 1:43AM EDT

i can't say i saw any bad moments in that episode except maybe the pace as you said, but i also feel that helps suspense.can't really say we got any big answers then saying that i didn't really have any big questions except maybe more back story on olivia and the question now is how if they plugged the window, warp whatever, how could she accidently/setup to go through to meet bell?other new one is what im sure a lot of people will be wondering now, what about peter?we saw his grave, supposedly died at 7, yet he's here, though back a few scenes you see walter rambling on about the portal allowing two-way connections/interference meaning things can go in AND out and a way of how he seemed upset by something of that.this suggests to me one of a few things:1. peter dies at 7, walter gets peter from the otherside2. walter visits the otherside (knowingly or not, remember he talked about drugs and LSD), saw peter, brought to this world or saw him die and buried him in this world3. an interesting twist, walter is originally from this world, where his former self is either dead or locked away in another asylum under a different name, visits here for some reason and remains because of the death of peter4. ORRRRRR.....they just showed us some sort of time travel future glimpse...orrrrr.....i have no idea and cannot think of any other reason1 more big question someone might know, what was the name of his cow?and why did he want a cow again?i can't remember

Default avatar cat
May 14, 2009 7:17AM EDT

Olivia can go through because she is special from the drug...and I think Peter died but Walter got the other peter over to replace him.

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