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Last week's 90210 brought us back into the drama of all the relationships we love, love to hate, or are just entirely new, and left us with the big shocker of Silver going entirely crazy, or if you will, "off the rails!"

So this week we picked back up with the disaster that become of Silver, and found everyone freaking out about finding her after she apparently hid from Mr. Matthews and then took off to "go to the source." This led to some awkward and angry conversations for Dixon and his parents as he had to explain what led up to her freak out (including them having sex, her getting a tattoo, her taping them having sex, etc.), and for Kelly and Ryan as they found ways to blame each other for Silver's problems.

Last week my main complaint was not feeling caught up and connected with all the characters, and this week, I think that all came together very well. Those who cared in various ways about Silver came to help find her, including Annie and Ethan directly after their break up and Naomi straight from her weird date leading to Annie and Ethan and Naomi to all conveniently look for Silver/clues at the school for some good love triangle drama. We also had Adrianna and Navid left to babysit for Kelly's son, making Adrianna realize how scared she is to be a mother.

I enjoyed seeing Adrianna dealing with her reality, but not as the focus of an episode, just as an aside as something going on in the lives of the characters.

Silver's continued craziness proved to be so over the top that it became a bit annoying, but soon clear that either this was overacting, or trying to show something beyond normal teenage hormones was going on with Silver.

While it was sad to see Dixon so upset and cruel to Silver over her reaction, I really enjoyed that they took this storyline beyond over the top Beverly Hills drama to some real issues that not only brought up, duh, real issues, but also brought some great character development as Dixon had to buck up and deal with his own issues to save Silver.

Yeah, this was all done with Silver almost throwing herself in front of a train, but hey, it's TV, overdramatic is fun sometimes! (Okay, most of the time.)

So we found out that Dixon's birth mother was manic depressive, which apparently Silver is as well, showing that Dixon couldn't deal with Silver's sudden massive mood swings because he realized that was exactly like his mom. The only awkward part here was Debbie and Harry having to point out in a conversation soon after saving Silver how unusual and unlucky it was for Dixon to have his mother and girlfriend both manic depressive - we could've worked that out ourselves, I believe.

But overall, I found this a pretty good episode for working out last week's Silver drama, and we also got some resolution for Annie and Ethan, including some good developments for Annie that made me like her better as she told Ethan she needed their relationship to mean something since she'd sacrificed Naomi's friendships and other things for them.

I was left feeling pretty satisfied with the episode, though I don't know where they will take this all from here. What would you like to see be the next big drama? Are you ready for some more steamy action for Naomi or more drama for Annie and Ethan? Or maybe it's about time to get that baby born! Make your predictions and share your reactions to this ep!

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Apr 14, 2009 10:31PM EDT

Don't you guys think that Adrianna's baby belly is growing awfully fast? It's okay they don't wnat her to be pregnant all season long, but this is a superfast pregnancy.

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Apr 22, 2009 2:26AM EDT

This show had the potential and the recently aired episode proved this show can live up to its high expectations. By the way I must say that more than Annie, Naomi (she is the star of the show) and Silver are proving to be my favorite. Annie isn't that bad, but its a bit sad that she's getting outdone by the other girls. I also loved the friendship that is developing between the guys. its about time Ethan had a good friend around.

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