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Cancellation Danger Zone: What Deserves to Stay?

This week we're featuring a number of shows, mostly those in their first or second season though some further along, that are in danger of cancellation.

Of these shows in the Cancellation Danger Zone, which do you think deserve to stick around? Are there still great plot developments left to be played out? Are there secrets yet to be unveiled? Are there characters you'd be heartbroken to be without?

I would love to see some like Heroes, Lipstick Jungle, and Dirty Sexy Money play out, but I'd be the most heartbroken over Pushing Daisies and Chuck myself!

Pushing Daisies

Dirty Sexy Money

Lipstick Jungle



Worst Week

Gary Unmarried


My Own Worst Enemy



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| 04:38 EST, 08 Dec, 2010
omg chauch has to stay i need my chuck fix i'm a little in love with him
| 20:17 EDT, 12 Mar, 2009
Keep Kyle XY. It's an amazing show with good family values, a fresh perspective, steady character and story development, deals effectively with teen issues and dwelves into the enthralling mystery sci-fi genre. Kyle XY is a show we need more of on television, not less.
| 14:51 EST, 31 Jan, 2009
Chuck to stay, hands down.Smallville to go, especailly after watching the latest episode.Pushing Daisies I've heard a lot of good about it and I thought it might've been on solid ground. I guess not. I was hoping to get around to watching it, although I doubt I will once it has been cancelled (if it's cancelled).
| 02:08 EST, 31 Jan, 2009
Chuck deserves to stay. i don't understand why it's not popular. It deserves more attention.
| 00:05 EST, 31 Jan, 2009
Smallville is getting a little annoying but we all love it and the writers should get a chance to show us their vision. Also Garry Unmarried and Chuck should definately stay.
| 16:08 EST, 27 Nov, 2008
I am just disapointed every I ear one the show I love is being started with Veronica Lipstick Jungle...Dirty Sexy Money and Privileged that I just discovered why don't they keep it???? I mean Prison Break, Smallville and One Tree Hill can end now we've had enough of it!!!!! Heroes hasn't be so good this season a bit too messed up....I think what would almost kill me now is if they also cancel Gossip Girl, Grey's anatomy and Entourage OMG I'd actually hunt those Tv executors and kick their asses!!!!!!!
| 16:29 EST, 25 Nov, 2008
boxintypex - you can keep track here on SideReel - if you look at a SideReel page for a show, we keep the news up to date, so you can see the latest about that show, including if it's in danger or canceled, and also when shows get canceled officially, we'll update the show status on the page which you can find in the right sidebar in the summary box. Hope that helps! You bring up a good idea, though, to have a place to show statuses of shows more clearly - maybe that's something we can get together here - let us know if you have any ideas!
| 10:22 EST, 25 Nov, 2008
is thier a site i can view that tells whats axed?
| 20:28 EST, 24 Nov, 2008
keep pushing daisies ...its the only reason why im watching t.v. again
| 17:52 EST, 24 Nov, 2008
Heroes is absolute crap nowadaysDaisies is already canceled (FOR SHAME!) But CHUCK must remain. The funniest show in years...and its got moments of adorability. Smallville has WAY outstayed its welcome. And Tom Wellings STILL can't act. Down with it.
| 17:42 EST, 24 Nov, 2008
Heroes and Chuck and Smallville??? Kill me now. I thought Chuck was doing fine! I understand why Heroes is on the list (I personally watch One Tree Hill, then watch Heroes online the next day...) but Smallville's usually been #6 or #7 on the ratings board! This doesnt make sense....
| 09:42 EST, 16 Nov, 2008
H to the E to the R to the O to the E to the S!
| 21:27 EST, 15 Nov, 2008
Chuck seriously needs to stay. I love it so much. He is Hilarious!Pushing Daisies also needs to stay. I love the idea of it.Privileged also needs to stay. I love the characters.Smallville is definitely my number one choice to stay. I think I will die without it!
| 13:06 EST, 15 Nov, 2008
chuck and heroes... seriously.. its a MUST stay for both of em..
| 11:36 EST, 15 Nov, 2008
DO NOT CANCEL PUSHING DAISIES!!!!!!!!! I WOULD BE HEARTBROKEN!!!!!! Heroes and Chuck are amazing too the others, eh, don't really care either way, but those three have GOT to stay!
| 13:13 EST, 14 Nov, 2008
keep chuck and pushing daisies!
| 06:27 EST, 13 Nov, 2008
really.. chuck must stay...
| 03:25 EST, 13 Nov, 2008
I hope Heroes, Chuck and Smallville stays. The rest... I could care less, though Pushing Daises seems like a good show.. I just never got around to watching it.
| 21:21 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Before now, I hadn't heard that Chuck was in danger of being canceled. I thought they already signed it for a full season? But it definitely deserves to stay. Pushing Daisies is also excellent. It's the most refreshingly original thing I've seen on T.V. in a very long time. I hope it makes it.
| 16:15 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
NBC finally has a lineup worthy of the peacock... Chuck is an important part of the balance.My Own Worst Enemy is spectacular-- and the humor from Chuck+ the concept of intelligence winning the day is a super important part of what TV can be. CBS has Numb3rs... NBC has Chuck.Push the value of academics, guys... it could mean the world to all of us in the future...Not to mention all that Rocks0206 had to say... the blend of characterization is priceless... truly priceless. Adam Baldwin is the most exquisite deliverer of one-liners that bust a gut. Chuck-- Levi-- is the ultimate 'everyman'- geeky, clumsy, insecure-- yet brilliant.We are genius in our own way. Chuck lets us be there...
| 15:37 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Chuck is the best out of the group an awesome show that deserves to stay
| 14:34 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
I just can't hardly believe that they would be canceling Chuck of all shows. It really is one of the only shows I just can't miss (Entourage and Dexter being the others). Here is my order on what I watch. 1. Chuck (great mix of different characters and in the end they all get along and don't have forced confrontations that feel stupid).2. Heroes (Absolutely hated season 2 and did not need the extra characters of Mya and her brother when we already had too many characters to follow in a 42 minute period. It was stale and predictable, which leads me to believe they need more time to bring back old viewers, because season 3 has been excellent. And, what do you know, they are actually using their powers!)3. Smallville (It actually isn't being canceled, but I still enjoy watching it a bit. Have to admit things are running a little thin winding down this show, though. I hear Pushing Daisies is good, but I have not seen it. But, go ahead and wipe out Lipstick Jungle. I watched one episode and it was so dry and unoriginal and you don't care about the characters (my opinion only). PLEASE KEEP CHUCK. PLEASE KEEP CHUCK. PLEASE KEEP CHUCK.
| 13:49 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
OMG, smallville, heroes and chuck have to stay, they're the best shows around. there are shows not on the danger list which deserve to be cancelled more than some of these
| 13:37 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
| 13:20 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Heroes & Privileged need to stay! Pushing Daisies is my favorite show and Privileged is definitely better than the search for teh next pussycat doll junk that they usually have on the CW. Chuck fills my Alias void and if any of them are canceled, I shall be devastated.
| 12:57 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
For the love of all that is awesome keep Chuck and Heroes. I'd gladly sacrifice Crusoe to the TV gods.
| 11:19 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
pushing daisies is on the list because stupid network people put it up against bones. move it into a different time slot and ratings will soar. you can't compete with david boreanaz. pushing daisies is A-MA-ZING!!!
| 09:57 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money should live Smallville can die. FINALLY.
| 09:54 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
lipstick jungle must stay!I also like heroes and privileged.why any of tem should go?!?
| 09:01 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Hmm i like Heroes a lot!Smallville is goodits reaching its end any way may as well let them finish it off right.Gary Unmarried has some good potential. However it could turn out very boring and stereotypical...
| 08:56 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
CHUCK HAS TO STAY! The only show I look forward to seeing more each week is entourage. I can't believe more people aren't watching. Pushing Daises is also very good. It's witty and so different from all the other drama/comedies on televison. Is there somewhere we can voice these opinions to the network?
| 08:52 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Lipstick Jungle and Heroes, definitely. Heroes lost it in series 2, but is on its way back, and Lipstick Jungle is just getting much more to discover about the characters!
| 08:03 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy and Smallville. In that order need to stay. I blame the writers strike last year for all the woes of well scripted television, if we the viewers dont complain and let our voices be heard now we are doomed to more reality housewife tv. eww
| 06:47 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Pushing daisies and Chuck from that list are the two that are in danger of getting canceled that I most want to save. Shows like worst week and gary unmarried are not getting canceled and I have heard cbs actually likes those two shows, so they are safe. Smallville is not getting canceled mid-season, they may not make a 9th season, but they will finish the 8th that is for sure, shows that have a bazillion dvd sales dont get canceled. Other than those five, I really do not care if they cancel the rest from that list.
| 06:33 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
well first off Smallville shouldn't be in this category mainly because, this is it's last season, it's not necessarily being canceled it has been on for eight years now and I think the actors are ready to move on, as much as I'd wish they would stay and continue for at least one more season. Also I would be devastated if chuck, Dirty Sexy Money, Heroes and Privileged were to be canceled. These shows are really good, most of them even give me a good laugh once in a while.
| 04:09 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
man if pushing daisies gets axed i will cry, i think it's one of the best shows i've ever seen, i love it!
| 03:29 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Smallville, Chuck, Gary Unmarried, Privleged, and Heroes have all earned their keep and are great shows especially Heroes and Smallville
| 02:48 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Not to be blunt or a jerk but all of those shows could get canceled and it really wouldn't bother me. Haven't even seen any of them except Heroes or Chuck and where Chuck was kind of funny it didn't impress me very much. And Heroes, I won't even get started on that as it appears as a lot of people actually LIKE it and I don't mean to troll it up, just stating what I think.
| 02:09 EST, 11 Nov, 2008
Hero's is starting to pick up, especially tonights epi...seeing the past is clearing up the present just a bit so there may still be redemption--don't really care about the test you listed though
| 23:14 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
pushing daisies (so different & refreshing) and chuck (so funny)then heroes (this season is the best so far)
| 23:11 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
I'm really rooting for lipstick jungle to stay
| 22:46 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
Keep Heroes, Pushing Daisies, chuck and Smallville. Haven't watched any of the other don't really care myself.
| 22:25 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
Heroes desperately needs to be resolved and ended. The way this season has gone, I only see the show getting pointless. Let them save the world and cancel it I say. I <3 Pushing Daisies SO much! Baby Jesus will cry if they cancel it. Last but certainly not least, there is nothing on TV right now funnier than Gary Unmarried! If it get canceled, I'm converting to Islam and declaring a baderka derka mohomod jihad
| 21:55 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
LOL I keep my fingers crossed for The Fringe. I haven't heard any predicted death tolls for it, but it tends to be my luck that if I like a show, it's as good as gone. But, House has lasted a few seasons now and I love it, so maybe there's hope.
| 21:11 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
i would go on a killing spree if Heroes got cancelled
| 21:06 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
CHUCK!!!!.... CHUCK and Privelged have to stay!!Pushing Daisies maybe.. and for the sake of everyone else - Heroes.
| 21:03 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
Don't get me wrong, I love Heroes. But what more can they stretch out for us? I've gotten quite fed up with it lately and quite frankly, I don't think any of these shows are worthy of sticking around much longer.
| 18:53 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
in the order of which deserves to stay the most to which deserves to stay the least.1. heores~ come on guys need i explain?2. my own worst enemy~ christian slater is doing 2 peoples job on is own n doing a dammmmmmmm good job too plus he sexy fine as hell. lol.3. dirty sexy money~ love d title, nice messed up characters.4.pushing daisies5. chuck6.lipstick jungle7. crusoe8. gary unmarried9. worst week10.privileged~no more shows about stupid rich teens who mess up their lives n have no real problems. like i see them everyday, don't need d reminder on my tv. and last but surely not least.11. smallville~ one more show or movie at that about superman and i am gonna burst an artery. really people this comic book hero has been rinsed to death its about time we laid him to rest. R.I.P.
| 18:40 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
i would die without heroes and smallville i love those shows...i also really liked privileged so i think it shouldnt be canceled and pushing daisies is really good as well.
| 18:13 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
HEROES !!!!!!! so deserves to stay . and lipstick jungle
| 17:44 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
It's just frustrating, because shows that have not been well received by the public OR the critics (*cough, cough* Kath and Kim) were given a full season, and yet Pushing Daisies and Privileged are being cut short.
| 17:30 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
Chuck has really hit its stride...since the second half of Season 1, I'd say...but especially this season. Every episode has made me burst into a giant smile.I really don't understand why it's not more popular...Too goofy for the mainstream?I'd be most devastated if we lost Chuck.
| 17:28 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
Keep heroes and smallville.They deserve to stay. Whats this sudden need for cancellation anyways?
| 17:16 EST, 10 Nov, 2008
dirty sexy money and pushing daisies... god it'd kill me if they were canceled--the only reason this is even happening is b/c of that inane hiatus! private practice is the exception, really, b/c of the fact that ppl were already attached to Addison from her stint of grey's p.s. as for heropes, idk, it never seemed to be able to recapture the brilliance of season 1 for me

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