American Idol: The Tears, the Agony, the Pain... the Top 12

Last night brought another of the ridiculously dramatic American Idol eliminations, but this time it was hard not to get a little emotional!

Sure, we can laugh all we want at Danny's silly tears every time anyone leaves but come on! Tell me you didn't feel a little sad with his cut last night... maybe a few tears? Okay, maybe not.. but the injustice... the horror... the insanity of cutting Asia'h!!

Who thought this madness of untrained viewers getting to choose their own American Idol was wise?

But as for those America did pick, our Top 12 are:

David Archuleta

David Hernandez

Jason Castro

David Cook


Michael Johns

Carly Smithson

Ramiele Malubay

Syesha Mercado

Brooke White

Amanda Overmyer

Kristy Lee Cook

So the shockers and the teasers from the eliminations last night? Well, clearly for some of us, the Asia'h vs. Kristy elimination moment ended in a shocker with Asia'h going instead of Kristy. Asia'h has been absolutely amazing and stunning throughout, and has such a sad and wonderful Idol story of not only being a fantastic singer from a small town, but also still pushing through and making her American Idol dreams happen even when her dad died two days before her audition. Come on, now! That's winner material!

But, instead, the very good yet somehow not as endearing Kristy Lee Cook took the spot. Another surprise was Amanda Overmyer voted in for the girls as it seemed like she's still been great, but doesn't really care as much about the competition. I guess voters still love her though.

The other big upset of the night was the elimination of the one, the only, the totally fabulous... Danny Noriega. Oh the pain and the tears for the Idolers - especially Danny's Idol bff Ramiele Malubay. He definitely seemed to be great enough on every level for at least the Top 12, if not more. Though Chikezie is an excellent addition to the Top 12, I'm pretty sure that was a surprise for everyone considering the almost always totally positive feedback for Danny while Chikezie's been shaky here and there.

But the lack of surprise did come with the eliminations of Luke Menard and Kady Malloy. They both have some big talent to offer, but just weren't cutting it this time around for this kind of competition, so maybe we'll be seeing you later, kids.

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American Idol: The Tears, the Agony, the Pain... the Top 12


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