Ugly Betty: 'When Betty Met YETI'

Ugly Betty is one of my favorite shows these days, but also one in which last season, I was fearing for its direction and continuation possibilities, but this season is really impressing me with all new angles for our characters to move forward in different directions which don't take them all away from each other and MODE as I feared these advancements would have to.

One of the biggest issues in Ugly Betty has been that Betty's goal is not to remain an assistant, nor to remain at MODE as fashion is not her passion. Since she's so gifted, it's only made sense that various opportunities have come up, yet every situation has worked out nicely to the point of being believable that Betty was staying at MODE because that's where she wanted to be, and not just because she needed to be there for the show to function with its characters in the same place.

But yet, while these situations continue to work out in character togetherness favor, eventually Betty's going to have to move forward with her career - and this week in "When Betty Met YETI," that opportunity came! She discovered YETI, Young Editors' Training Initiative, through an ex-MODE assistant who made himself into an editor with his own assistant in a year by going through the YETI program which gives young wanna-be editors the tools they need to be editors and get a editor positions from what they've learned, and from having the YETI stamp of approval.

I love this YETI program advancement for Betty as it allows her to move along with her dreams and career, but also keeps her at MODE while she goes through the program.

It was also great to see the characters evolve in this episode as Marc was his bitchy fashionista self for most of it after he discovered Betty was competing for the YETI spot, which meant only one of them would get in because they don't accept more than one person from a magazine, but then eventually, he and Betty found new ground to stand on together which is madness - and a wonderful character advancement for Marc and also for their evolving friendship.

But before all that could happen, Marc was even bitchier than usual when Betty actually pulled off her presentation (and a wonderful one, I might add, though not as flashy as Marc's), and got into YETI. And Marc's bitchy, but truthful word-slap took Betty right back down from her happiness high as he told her she was the one chosen because she "filled their quota" since she's Latina, and YETI didn't deny it.

Of course Betty also got in because she really did earn it, but Betty didn't want to get in because of a quota and her work, but her efforts alone. I really love how this show brings in issues like this from time to time in ways that don't make you feel like you're watching an after-school special, but make you feel like you're running into real life issues right alongside Betty and her family.

But all's well that ends well, as Betty rejected her YETI acceptance, feeling bad about it and giving it to Marc, but then Daniel pulled through by writing a 6 page letter of recommendation plus showing YETI Betty had also worked at Player magazine that year, so she could be in and so could Marc, being from different magazines. Yea Daniel for making up for flaking out on Betty earlier!

I'm looking forward to seeing how YETI goes and how the program changes Betty's career, and how this will effect both her and Marc's MODE positions - Marc could advance in MODE, but Betty will probably be a different story which I can't wait to see unfold!

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Nov 21, 2008 4:16PM EST

Not Fair! In england Season 3 don't come out till next year! HOW LONG WILL THAT BE!
I have been watching all up to 8th ep. No Links for me to watch =[
Its like twilight... comes 4 weeks after in UK.

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Nov 21, 2008 8:16PM EST

I'm just a bit confused with the last five minutes of the show.
Did she not write the letter of recommendation for her application when Daniel didn't? Doesn't that lead to complications, when they received Daniel's "second" six page letter, that probably differed in writing as well?
And is she not still accepted for being Latina as well? By attending, she will automatically change the quota....?
Nevertheless, I loved this episode! It was of great quality again!

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