Lipstick Jungle Finale: Going Out with Style

Lipstick Jungle took a while to grow on me, but now that the brief first season has wrapped up, it's officially very likable.

Great news unless of course we don't see Lipstick Jungle return to NBC's line-up next season!

Considering Cashmere Mafia's early death, it may not be too hopeful out there for these Sex and the City wanna-be's.

But, as many of us have been saying since Lipstick was announced, it probably has more hope being from the Sex and the City writer, and its proven itself close to worthy in its last few episodes.

What's been missing from Lipstick Jungle is the Sex and the City-style real and strong friendship moments.

The greatness of Sex and the City was seeing so much of the fearsome four outside the walls of their workplaces.

Both Cashmere and Lipstick seemed to start out far too focused on featuring women in the workplace, which no matter how you cut it, work just isn't that interesting to watch!

Sure, show that these women are busy working women who spend a ton of their time working, but then get to the interesting relationships and interactions - both that are part of working and not.

So Lipstick seems to have figured this out as last week's episode did still focus on the intensity of their jobs, but took both Wendy and Nico out of their offices and New York entirely as they went off to Scotland to get book and movie rights to the newly revealed Harry Potter prequel.

Then of course we got into the juicy drama of Wendy surprising Nico with coming along for the trip at the last minute, leaving Nico very much regretting inviting her hottie along on a whim.

Yes, thank you, stir up the pot on the drama here! Sure, bring work tension into the equation, but get those friendships shown and tested - we need to know why we like this group of women and what makes them such close friends.

So we got just that as Wendy and Nico didn't quite work through their issues with the business trip and Wendy's discovery that Kirby was there.

This week in the finale, Nico continued on with Kirby as she took a shower lunch break with him, then later lied to her husband about an after-party to get to spend more time with Kirby.

And here's where the finale drama went down - Nico kept getting calls from Charles' phone and finally answered to find out he was in the hospital from a heart attack!

So there came the magical shift from seeing the tricky lives of women juggling family, work, friends, affairs (and even threesome offers for Victory), to some genuine friendship moments.

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Lipstick Jungle Finale: Going Out with Style


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