The Bachelor: Home, Sweet, Fake Parents and Leopard Print!

Time for hometown dates on The Bachelor! This is always one of the best episodes of the season as the crazy moms and dads come out, as well as bachelor-bachelorette moments that make or break their love connection.

This season, our British bachelor, Matt Grant's first up to bat for the hometown dates was Shayne, where Matt was really up for a run for his money with Shayne's showbiz family! First they met up with Shayne's dad, actor Lorenzo Lamas, but only after Shayne had Matt go over saying La-mas about 17 times. Then the dad-boyfriend talk went surprisingly well as Lorenzo proved to be a darn stand up guy who received Matt's genuine feelings for his daughter very well.

But then... then we met the women in Shayne's life - a adorable sister and terrifying mother! She was plenty nice, but wow... the lips... we're not here to judge, but really. Someone get this woman back to nature for a while to give her a reality-botox check! They all had a plenty great time with Matt who took all the leopard print and fluffy pups in stride.

Matt's Durango, Colorado hometown date with Chelsea was fairly calm and nice with the focus mainly being on how Chelsea hasn't opened up much, and her expression to her dad that she does want to. Apparently she got that across just enough to Matt for her to stick around which is a bit surprising, but maybe will turn out to be a really great thing.

Matt was then off to Loveland, Colorado to meet Noelle's conservative but very sweet family who he didn't particularly impress with his horse-riding skills when his horse decided just to stop and hang out right before getting to the family... whoops.

Noelle was adorable with Matt, and though she said she keeps walls up, she definitely seemed to be ready to fall for him. Her dad, on the other hand, was busy questioning Matt about what kind of person would do a thing like The Bachelor - um, your daughter??

It always seems strange when families get weird about what kind of person the bachelor must be for doing this reality show considering their family member is doing the same thing.

I suppose the issue is if the guy's doing it just to date 25 women, and also what kind of guy needs reality TV to find a spouse... again... like your daughter.

So it seems, with the final rose ceremony later on, that this pretty good hometown date didn't cut it for Noelle. I would think Chelsea wouldn't be cutting it, but I guess the shy Noelle isn't quite Matt's style and he saw that more thoroughly on her hometown date.

So, yes, outgoing is definitely more the style for Matt as we saw on his final date with Amanda in Florida! Amanda played a little joke on Matt - okay, a big, excessive but pretty hilarious joke - fake parents. Yes, she HIRED actors to pretend to be her parents! That sounds a little bit excessive, but it turned out pretty funny as Matt really struggled to talk to Amanda's "dad" who would not have it from him with just about anything he said, and then Amanda's "mom" who was ready to straight up jump Matt!

Who couldn't love a guy trying to get through to a crazy dad and not cracking up or running away from a drunken mom hitting on him?? Matt is most definitely an excellent sport, and thought it was pretty hilarious (and a big relief) when Amanda finally told him they weren't her parents.

So, it was goodbye for Noelle, and hello final three for Amanda, Shayne, and Chelsea! An interesting mix of women, though all outgoing and seeming to be developing some very real feelings for Matt which go both ways.

Matt is doing a great job so far of showing his feelings for the women yet not leading them on too much, so let's see if he can continue that as things get a whole lot more serious as we get down to the final two next week!

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