Gossip Girl: Yalies for Life?

Many a high school hit show faces the conundrum of what to do when it's time for the main characters to actually leave high school and go to college.

This week on Gossip Girl, we attacked just that issue as the seniors (aka most of the main characters) were off to visit colleges, and surprise, surprise, all had reasons to end up visiting Yale.

It had looked like S vs. B would last a lot longer especially when college visit turned catfight, but then, welcome to a little bit of college maturity, it switched back from S vs. B to S+B!

Now of course, each GG character faces his or her own hurdle to getting into Yale, but will the solution to the GG high school to college move be to all end up at Yale?

(If you know more because of the books, no spoilers please.)

Can the S vs. B battle really be over? Will the GG gang all happily become Yalies together?

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Default avatar cat
Oct 14, 2008 2:58AM EDT

I don't know about S+B..maybe eventually they be friends again. I beleive the show will introduce a Georgina like character.
But GG is now getting a bit too much. I'm not liking the story line.If Serena is a nice person..why is she being such a bitch to Blair???Considering the fact that Blair was the one who helped her from the clutches of Georgina...and whats with this Yale University crap!!!I do not beleive that Yale University will send out handwritten invitations for someone like Serena...for being in news??? or being a drug addict??..Alcholic???..I mean come on!!..Its Yale!For Blair I understand..she has been shown as a bitchy but studious girl...Gossip Girl is trailing out of realism...Just to bring forth this "rise of Serena". Its getting ridiculous.

Default avatar cat
Oct 14, 2008 7:52AM EDT

So with alexia, yeah! Blair was always there for Serena, even when she was a total wreck from the drugs and alcohol. She was there for her too, when Dan dumped her. Which made her bitter. And what happened to that girl with Dan, I wanna see her. And I resally don't think Serena is all that. She's not famous, her parents are like nobodys, she's not THAT pretty and smart either. And NO ONE becomes famous overnight just by going out with a socialite and walk on a runaway. You don't see that.

Default avatar cat
Oct 14, 2008 8:30AM EDT

please give serana a break ,its about time she stood out,she has been blair's sidekick for too long and they are bff so serena has some dirt on blair as well, and people have become famous for less crap that walking on a runway or hanging with a socialite,and her parents are not nobodies and she is very pretty and smart enough, not all blondes are dumb.blair has been mean to so many people so give saint blair a rest xoxo gossip girl lol

Default avatar cat
Oct 14, 2008 12:34PM EDT

don't 4get serena's dad went to yale (as mentioned in season 1) and also it's NOT REAL!

Default avatar cat
Oct 14, 2008 7:12PM EDT

I have my doubts about them all going to Yale. Towards the end, Chuck told Skull & Bones (who don't tap until junior year and therefore shouldn't even know who Chuck is) that he was interested in going to Yale. And all of season 1, Nate was being pushed towards Dartmouth by his father. The series has veered off from the books considerably, so I doubt they'll use that ending either.

Default avatar cat
Oct 15, 2008 1:38AM EDT

Risquedoll, do u live in NY? That's how it is here. Look how known Paris Hilton is now for absolutely nothing except for her sex tape. At least this girl has an incredible sense of style, goes to the top private school in the city and comes from old money. That's who the NYC socialites are, and it happens when they are teenagers (like Lydia Hearst).
To sketch, Chuck is known, period. A secret society like Skull & Bones recruit outstanding candidates before they even set foot in Yale.
Not too far fetched really, all right episode, would like to see more outrageous moments in the show like the first season that really showed what the (teenager) bourgeoisie is really like in NYC.

Default avatar cat
Oct 16, 2008 12:54PM EDT

Chaska, secret societies can't recruit people who aren't enrolled in their school. Yes, Chuck's family has a lot of money but so do many other families across the the country and abroad making it virtually impossible for a secret society to know all of them. Skull & Bones can't recruit people who aren't even guaranteed a spot at Yale. I'm not saying Chuck couldn't get in (to Yale), I'm only saying recruiting people before they are officially enrolled would assume that everyone is going to choose Yale over any other great school, such as Harvard or Princeton. Furthermore, as I already stated, secret societies don't tap until junior year. It's not that they don't want to tap earlier per se, it's that the school's administration (and the secret societies themselves has rules and protocol about how tapping works. And it's a SECRET society. Skull & Bones is very well-known for being one of the most secretive and prestigious secret societies. They wouldn't risk losing the reputation it took decades to build by revealing themselves to just any random rich high school student that visits their campus. So over all, really far fetched.

Default avatar cat
Oct 16, 2008 1:16PM EDT

OK PEOPLE!!!it is just a show!y do we always have to analyze everything about it!? cant we just sit back a watch the show without critiquing (?) it!???

Default avatar cat
Oct 18, 2008 4:36AM EDT

I agree with the person above me...CHILL people! Besides, yes the series has veered a considerable distance away from the book. I mean isn't Blair's eyes suppose to be blue? Not brown? Yet it doesn't matter! Just sit back, gasp at the 'omg!' parts, and enjoy!

Default avatar cat
Oct 20, 2008 3:46AM EDT

guys come on, the shows changes story and i guess the story gets thicker with it's college plot. hope there will be a new villain in the show, and I love that Aaron Rose will be coming in Gossip Girl soon.
Can't wait for that episode.

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