Chuck Premiere Review: Bartowski, Chuck Bartowski.

*Only mild spoilers included.*

So as you can imagine with the title of "Chuck Versus the First Date," it's time to explore the Chuck and Sarah relationship left hanging last season.

I was very excited to dig into this relationship, but the issue here is if Chuck's life as the protected Intersect is done, then Sarah and Casey have to leave Chuck for their next mission, and as you may recall, there's the little issue of Casey being charged with eliminating the Intersect - aka Chuck - when it was no longer needed.

So even if Chuck and Sarah got this "first date," it would be their last... probably. But of course, we can't have the awesome characters of Sarah and Casey leave us, and if Chuck is no longer needed as the Intersect, even if he isn't killed, he's really not that interesting, as endearing as he is, so the show must go on.

I was afraid this Season 2 opener would be cute, but unfortunately just repeating similar situations of last season where Chuck gets himself in trouble with some bad guys trying to get the Intersect, and Sarah and Casey would come to the rescue. There'd be tension between Chuck and Sarah, and the possibility of him not being needed hanging over their heads in different ways.

But, to my pleasant surprise, a good amount of this did come into play, but there's a different mood and spirit to the series that feels like a very fresh, fun, and interesting new start for the season.

Chuck is developing from the scared little geek we know and love, to a scared geek with some moves of his own. He and Sarah get some alone time, but as you'll see, there's still plenty to develop there for them as a possible couple and for them in the undercover situation.

The episode was really enjoyable and it reminded me of how very much I missed the wonderful character of Chuck, along with his protectors, and even more, the hilarious Morgan.

They're all in prime form and with the familiarity of the first season I loved, plus some great new twists, I'm really looking forward to a great new season for this last season newbie!

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