House Season 6, Episode 5: 'Brave Heart' Review - Featured

This week on House, the intro was a little more exciting than last week's which I was disappointed with as it didn't have any of the usual awesome House intro twists.

In this week's 'Brave Heart,' there still wasn't much of a twist in the intro, but having a police chase ending in one of the cops trying to jump too far between buildings and crashing down on his back was crazy enough for me!

And the rest of the case was even better than that! The cop survived, but we found out that the guy did that kind of dangerous thing because he didn't think he had much longer to live. He seemed perfectly healthy, but he was about to turn 40, and both his grandpa and dad had dropped dead of heart failure at 40, though they too were both seemingly healthy.

Now I have to say it's fair that after a ton of tests, the guy would still be convinced he wasn't going to make it much longer with that history! The case got more complicated, though not more interesting to our dear uncaring House, when a woman showed up in House's office to tell him that the patient, Donny, had a son he didn't know about. Donny had never wanted to get married or have kids always assuming he'd die at 40, and he'd been so scarred by his father's death that he couldn't do that to any potential family of his own.

So the case proceeded with House deciding nothing was actually wrong with the guy, and off the guy went home thinking he was cured by some fake pills (aka mints) House gave him... until he dropped dead hours later. Oops!

I was surprised the guy actually died as it seemed anticlimactic, until I was thinking about how that probably meant the autopsy would come up with something crazy and cool, then the patient would become the guy's son, and they would at least save his son. But just as I was getting grossed out by the autopsy and wondering what they'd find to help the son, bam! The guy was bleeding, and woke up screaming on the table!!! Was that ever terrifying yet fantastic to see House and Foreman both freak out (right along with us)?

It turns out it felt anticlimactic for the patient to just die like that because he was going to come back from the dead!! Considering House is taking a 2 week break for baseball (boo!) I guess this counts as the bit of creepy Halloween fun for House.

They were able to work out the case with a few awesome House revelations, leaving us not only with the case solved as it turned out it was actually a "panic button," aka aneurysm that had developed in the guy's brain, but both he and the kid would live - and have a relationship. All's well that end's well when the daddy you never knew gets to live.

But what about House and his daddy issues? Those aren't quite working out yet, but they made a surprising subtle return right at the end of the episode. We got the tease that House might be going nuts again as he swore he heard whispers when trying to sleep in Wilson's extra room that used to be his bedroom with Amber. But, as it turned out, it was just a mourning Wilson who whispered to Amber every night in the next room. So sad!! I continue to be pleased with House's developments this season as he doesn't act un-Houselike, but he also is advancing as a human being and friend.

When House discovered the Amber issue, he did mess with Wilson, but he also recognized that Wilson was grieving, and then tried it for his own grief he hadn't been recognizing by trying to talk to his dad. Of course he ended up saying it was stupid, but with a cute knowing smile from both himself and Wilson. Oh, bromance, how fun it is to see you thrive!

The other development of the episode was Chase going to confess at church about killing the dictator. The priest told him the only way to absolve this sin, no matter who he killed and why, was to turn himself in. Chase is far too pretty to go to jail!!

When Chase returned home to Cameron drunk, I was convinced he'd gotten drunk to be able to tell her, but apparently it's not time for that yet. But will it be time for that later? Will he actually decide the only way to not feel this guilt is to turn himself in? And if he does, is there any way he would not be convicted?

We'll be missing out on House for a few weeks, but in the meantime, comment away with your thoughts on this episode full of plenty of surprises, creepiness, and teasers of possible upcoming disaster!




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Oct 20, 2009 5:40PM EDT

omg it really scared the bejeezus out of me!! XD


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Oct 26, 2009 5:41PM EDT

loved house's 'yea i thought so,' but then i realized the man was resolved that he was to die all his adult life, and now he's not, anyone would need a moment. besides, its not like he knew the kid for more then 2 days. he just found out he has to plan the rest of his life, and the kid's gonna be fine anyway, while the hell should he rush to tell them the good news? it was a cool observation though.

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